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What Makes a Great Data Scientist?

Big data analytics is the oil which will power the information economy… but to deliver the maximum value from data assets, organisations need both the right tools and the best people. In Summer 2014 SAS, the leader in big data analytics, launched a survey to explore what makes a great data scientist, specifically: which skills and personality types are needed to fulfil pivotal roles in the future?

Data Scientist Survey Report

Survey Summary Report

Download the report

This summary report is based on analysis of our initial 600 respondents who identified themselves as part of the data science profession.

Download the report now to find out the 10 key personality types identified – as well as some of the challenges data scientists are facing today.

What Makes a Great Data Scientist Infographic 1

Infographic - What makes a great data scientist?

Download the infographic

For a visual representation of the data from the summary report and to get to know the ten personality types identified take a look at this infographic.

Which character are you most closely matched to?

What Makes a Great Data Scientist Infographic 1

Infographic - Making or breaking data scientists

Download the infographic

Visually explore how stress is impacting the emerging discipline of data science.

Are organisations making or breaking data scientists? Our research shows that around 1 in 4 data scientists are heavily stressed!

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Take a look at our easy-to-use Data Scientist learning path for guidance on what courses to take, and in what order, to meet your career goals.

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SAS psychometric survey shows one in four data scientists ‘heavily stressed’ in midst of skills gap and evolving job demands

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