Public Sector Newsletter
September 2017

Advanced analytics: the secret weapon against cyber threats?

The key capabilities that could keep government data safer

To combat evolving insider threats, government agencies must be capable of rapidly and proactively adapting. The ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach is woefully inadequate. Human behaviour is multifaceted, variable, and naturally resistant to a unilateral analytics approach. That means a variety of aversion and detection tactics are needed to stop an insider threat in its tracks. Tactics that go well beyond basic monitoring of network activity and instead demand psychological understanding of the user.

Does your organisation have sensitive information and assets that, if compromised, could result in a negative impact to others? Does your organisation have a system in place to look for these types of threats? Does it have a method of identifying, prioritising and monitoring behaviors? If not, that’s a big problem. Time to discover how SAS can help you use advanced analytics in the public sector’s fight against cyber threats.