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Making banking
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How can banks shape tomorrow’s financial landscape, today?

Empowering Banking’s Future with SAS

In today's turbulent world with high living costs, SAS is committed to helping banks establish a technology foundation that enables simple, safe, and fair banking with rewarding outcomes. We enable digital transformation by offering a bank-wide perspective of every customer using advanced AI and Analytics.  By utilising meaningful insights, SAS allows banks to deliver what customers really need in the moments that matter most.

However, the future of banking goes beyond the front end of customer experience, requiring a deep integration of customer-centricity into the bank’s mindset and approach.

SAS delivers proven value in the global banking industry, we can help you unlock AI and Analytics' vast potential for your digital transformation.

2030 & BEYOND…

Watch the video to find out the 5 ways SAS is supporting exciting opportunities for banks.

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A New Regulatory Landscape within Banking

Banks are increasingly using AI and machine learning models to make decisions in all areas of their business. However, these technologies must be used responsibly and are facing greater regulatory scrutiny than ever before.

Banks have trusted SAS to power their risk and regulatory calculations for decades and can work together to build a more robust banking system that delivers wider strategic advantages.

MRM Compliance Guide | SAS UK

The SS1/23 Challenge for Banking’s Model Risk Management

Responsible Banking in the Age of AI

Consumer Duty eBook

Compliance without Compromise

How banks can respond to MRM (SS1/23). Practically.


With the Banking landscape constantly evolving, it can be overwhelming to modernise while remaining compliant with regulatory challenges and aligning with ESG objectives. But it doesn’t have to be.

Choose an area of banking digital transformation in line with your business priorities and let’s get started reimagining your future.

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Banking in 2035: Purpose Driven Banking

SAS & The Economist's recent research outlined five megatrends for financial services over the next decade.

Purpose-driven banking was a key research finding, and focuses on the wellbeing of customers, communities, employees and the environment. With increasing scrutiny into environmental, social and governance (ESG) disclosures, banks will now need to be capable of analysing and reporting on how their activities align with their sustainability goals.  

The research considers how banks can make tangible change in the decade to come, and outlines the 5 most effective strategies for banks to do this:

Banking in 2035 Video Trailer

Banking in 2035 full research report

Banking in 2035: global banking survey report
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of executives believe that banking sector is obligated to address societal issues

SAS in the Banking Industry – Facts & Figures


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