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SAS Customer Loyalty

Resources, relationships and support to help our UK & Ireland customers thrive.

The SAS Customer Loyalty team are here to help you on every step of the way, from getting started with SAS software to reaping all the benefits the software has to offer.

We want to make your experience with SAS as positive and productive as possible, and we do this by providing you with a point of contact for all your questions, by running programmes to help you get the most from your software and by representing you, the customer, within SAS.

As long standing employees of SAS, we have the knowledge and reach to help you get a speedy resolution to your request. Whether you need focus on an existing support track or have ideas of services you would like included in your engagement, we are here to connect you with the right resource. Contact your Customer Loyalty Executive or any member of the team to discuss the many options available to you.


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