Achieve exceptional service levels and distribution grid reliability using innovative mobile IoT sensors and AI

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SAS Grid Guardian AI

Eliminate overhead equipment failures. Prioritize maintenance plans. Achieve unmatched safety, reliability and uptime with a solution that could pay for itself in less than a year.

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Making predictive maintenance economically viable for overhead distribution infrastructure


Mitigate service interruption with SAS AI


A fresh approach to overhead distribution equipment reliability and resiliency

Key Features

SAS Grid Guardian AI uses your existing utility infrastructure, novel sensing technologies and enhanced analytical capabilities to accurately anticipate equipment failures well in advance.

Industry-leading sensor technology

Extracts greater insights from your data using advanced analytics embedded in Exacter's patented Trekker devices. Eliminates up to 60% of overhead-equipment-related outages.

Mobile data acquisition platform for grid analytics

Uses battery-operated sensors mounted on fleet vehicles, such as sanitation trucks, to evaluate distribution and transmission grids wherever they go for repetitive, continuous, conditions-based grid data.

Comprehensive data management

Integrates structured and unstructured data from all sources. Provides an enterprise view of asset performance for improving asset maintenance practices and grid reliability.

Intelligent location matching

Automatically aggregates and matches degradation data from sensors to specific utility asset locations.

Advanced early-warning analytics

Helps you reduce downtimes, avoid major defects and address potential performance issues before they escalate.

Automated monitoring & predictive alerts

Provides continuous condition-based monitoring and fault detection for accurate identification of degraded equipment, without the need to install new sensors.

Automated prioritization

Prioritizes the sequence for addressing issues so you can allocate manpower where it’s needed most – before equipment-caused interruptions occur.

Increased throughput

Enables you to inspect, analyze and map more circuit miles to the utility system for appropriate resource allocation.

Rapid, scalable cloud deployment

This software as a service is easy to deploy and use, and scales to your needs.

Integration with existing work order systems

Provides the option to integrate the solution with your existing work order systems to minimize disruption to your existing processes.

Grid prognostics

Uses predictive analytics and machine learning to forecast the outlook for CI and CMI by component.

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Solution Brief

Predictive utility equipment maintenance


Amplifying Insights for Resilience and Safety

Analyst Report

Data-Driven Grid Reliability: Iot Sensing and Analytics to Enable Predictive Maintenance and Improve Resiliency