SAS confidently leads the rating of Best Employers Russia 2017

Based on the results of a large-scale study, SAS is recognized as one of the best employers in Russia

SAS Russia / CIS has successfully passed the Best Employers Study according to the Aon Hewitt methodology. The methodology assumes that employers themselves give an assessment to the employers, participating in in-depth questioning. The questions are structured in such a way that the research evaluates not the image and processes, but the effectiveness of working with the staff, which manifests itself in such indicators as involvement, motivation and loyalty.

The engagement rate of SAS employees was 91%. For comparison, the average for the country is 68%, and among the best employers the average is 85%.

“The results of 2017 indicate that employers in Russia have begun to work more efficiently with staff. And the staff responds with reciprocity: on average, we see an increase in involvement of 6 percentage points in the market. This is a lot, considering that the index of involvement has about the same amplitude as GDP. Of course, there is both sectoral and regional specificity, but, on the whole, the trend is positive. The sample of this year was 451 thousand respondents,” says Sergey Lvov, CEO of AXES Management (Aon Hewitt's official representative in Russia).

The advantages of SAS, which were noted during the study, were high rates of team involvement, satisfaction with the results and working conditions, career prospects, professional and personal growth, and a high level of employee trust in management.

“Since our previous participation in the rating in 2013, we more than tripled in terms of licensed revenue. Despite the crisis, in spite of the fact that in some segments there is a certain bias towards us as a foreign brand and that in many sectors the analyst is not yet a necessity product, we continue to grow by 30 – 40% annually. And such a success we owe to our team and the high involvement of everyone, that is, the desire to make the maximum and the desire to participate in achieving common goals," said Julia Sanina, Director of Personnel and Work with Universities of SAS, at the summing-up and awarding of Best Employers Russia 2017 awards. 

All over the world, including Russia, SAS is known for its corporate culture, the approach to creating a working atmosphere, and a high level of concern for employees. At the same time, the key component of SAS success is the employees' self-awareness of the significance of their work - both for the overall result of the company and for the qualitative changes that occur at the customer enterprises: increasing profitability, creating new products, increasing response to special offers, automatically predicting equipment breakdowns and etc.

“To maintain a high level of motivation for employees, we keep in constant focus such important moments as opportunities for self-fulfillment, professional and career growth. We are proud that the outflow of personnel is the lowest in the industry – about 8%, that the vast majority of our experts are proud of their work in SAS, that about 30% of our consultants have left our internship program and by now have grown into excellent professionals who are happy in any company, but they are still with us," comments Julia Sanina. “We are growing, and growth brings new challenges, including in the field of personnel management, and for myself, I see one of the key tasks is the preservation of our corporate culture, positive and friendly atmosphere in the team, which is celebrated by all new employees, and is also one of the key factors that define us as one of the best employers in the world.”

This is the second time that SAS took part in the study of Best Employers Russia. The previous time, in 2013, the company also entered the top three. Also in the autumn of 2017 SAS took the third place in the ranking of the best employers of the world, following the results of the study of the Great Place to Work Institute.

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