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SAS Education is a global organization with approximately 400 permanent employees worldwide and has more than 35 years of experience in the design and delivery of SAS training courses. The SAS Education Team in Germany, Austria and Switzerland is a professional training organization with 16 employees.


Our state-of the art training facilities are located in Heidelberg, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Vienna and Zurich. Do you need more information about the location, the address, travel recommendations, and suggestions for a hotel? Please have a look here.


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SAS Institute GmbH
In der Neckarhelle 162
69118 Heidelberg

Telefon: 06221 415 - 0 
Fax: 06221 415 - 101 

Die Kursräume sind barrierefrei erreichbar.
Bitte beachten Sie: In der Heidelberger Innenstadt ist für Fahrzeuge eine grüne Umweltplakette erforderlich.


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Niederlassung München
SAS Institute GmbH
Nördliche Auffahrtsallee 22
80638 München

Telefon: 089 15929 - 0
Fax: 089 15929 - 100


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Niederlassung Hamburg
SAS Institute GmbH
Brahms Kontor 5. OG
Johannes-Brahms-Platz 1
20355 Hamburg

Telefon: 040 398608 - 0 
Fax: 040 398608 - 99 


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Niederlassung Frankfurt
SAS Institute GmbH
Design Offices Frankfurt
Wiesenhüttenplatz 25
60329 Frankfurt

Telefon: 069 663788 - 0
Fax: 069 663788 - 10

Bitte beachten Sie: In der Frankfurter Innenstadt ist für Fahrzeuge eine grüne Umweltplakette erforderlich.


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Niederlassung Wien
SAS Institute GmbH
Trabrennstraße 2B / 2. Stock
A-1020 Wien

Telefon: +43 1 252 42-0
Fax: +43 1 252 42-590


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Niederlassung Zürich-Wallisellen
SAS Institute AG
Richtistrasse 11
CH-8304 Wallisellen Schweiz

Telefon: +43 1 252 42-0
Fax: +43 1 252 42-590

Learning in a pleasant environment. The SAS branch in Heidelberg is located directly on the Neckar river, not far from Heidelberg's old town. Historic buildings from the 15th century have been extended with modern extensions; glass walls and passages connect the historical with the modern architecture and provide a bright, friendly ambience.

FAQs for participants

Do you have questions concerning your upcoming course? Here you find answers on questions like: At what time does my course start? Will I receive a confirmation of participation? etc. If you cannot find the answer to your question here, of course you are welcome to contact us. | Tel: + 49 6221 415 300

General terms and conditions

The General Conditions of SAS Training apply to all our courses.
Allgemeine Teilnahmebedingungen for SAS courses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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