Unlock capabilities for speed, accuracy and automation and stay competitive with AI from SAS®

AI Solutions for Telecom, Media & Technology

Learn how SAS helps TMT organizations stay ahead of the competition with AI that automates processes, detects fraud, keeps costs down, predicts customer behavior and more.

Business Challenges

Telecom, media and technology (TMT) organizations must extract insights from the vast amounts of assets and consumer data they have in order to survive in today's market environment, as they face a variety of issues:

  • Harsh competition in digital channels.
  • Fast-shifting customer demand for services and content.
  • Rising fraud losses.
  • Declining margins and growth.
  • Difficulty managing rapidly changing network technology, combined with legacy systems.
  • Continuous pressure for innovation to ensure profitability and survival.

TMTs must be able to apply machine learning and AI to an immense amount of complex data in order to drive results – from automating processes and maintaining efficiencies, to keeping costs down, to predicting changes in customer behavior – and stay ahead of the competition.

How AI Can Help

From selling ads, to fighting fraud, to improving the customer experience, AI can enhance the speed, precision and effectiveness of human efforts, resulting in a more responsive, profitable business. With AI capabilities from SAS, you can:

  • Drive increased ad sales revenue. Analytics, enhanced with AI, provides the insights needed for the most effective ad sales strategies to target the right customer microsegments that will turn data into revenue.
  • Quickly identify fraudulent transactions. Use AI and machine learning techniques to identify which types of transactions are likely to be fraudulent. AI techniques, including adaptive machine learning and unsupervised intelligent agents, can predict fraudulent transactions in real time – and reduce false positives – based on changes and inconsistencies in customer behavior patterns. Reducing false positives boosts customer satisfaction, protects revenue and lowers costs.
  • Turn customer experience into customer engagement. With embedded AI tools, you can stitch data together from all sources, providing an accurate, holistic and evolving view of the customer journey. You can then optimize customer journeys across all channels to maximize engagement and enable real-time decisioning.
  • Optimize network investments. AI and machine learning can identify and automate areas for network enhancements, such as aligning latency and bandwidth to critical workloads.
  • Manage large-scale automation. Improve operational efficiency and customer experience while reducing SDN and 5G network complexity. Real-time insights from AI tools enable you to manage myriad configuration permutations and volumes of operational data.​
  • Integrate seamlessly. Integrate disparate data sources and open-source models into a unifying analytics and AI platform to derive maximum value from your network.
  • Improve internal processes. As business users demand faster and larger data sets to drive network decisions, SAS-powered AI applications help optimize and automate business processes for streamlined decision making.

Why SAS?

With more than 600 customers in the TMT industry in over 80 countries, SAS helps TMT organizations consistently achieve ROI improvements, such as:

  • Improving the accuracy of network planning forecasts by more than 20%.
  • Reducing operational processes by up to 95%.
  • Increasing asset utilization up to 5%.

As the leader in advanced analytics, SAS advocates applying analytics to any data that has the potential to produce insights to automate processes. That's why we embed AI capabilities in our software. SAS delivers open, trusted, scalable and sustainable AI capabilities that can help TMT organizations of all sizes grow and become more profitable.