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SAS Platform Administration: Fast Track - SPAFT

This intensive training course provides accelerated learning for those students who will administer the platform for SAS Business Analytics. This course is for individuals who are comfortable with learning large amounts of information in a short period of time.


5 days - Classroom

Learn how to

  • administer the SAS environment
  • identify and report about the state of the SAS environment
  • back up the SAS environment
  • monitor and log SAS servers
  • administer client applications
  • administer users
  • administer data access
  • recognise and establish various security techniques
  • secure data and other shared content
  • troubleshoot metadata security
  • move and promote metadata.

Who should attend

SAS Platform Administrators


Before attending this course, you should complete SAS Platform Administration: Getting Started or have equivalent experience.

Course Contents

Reviewing the Platform for SAS Business Analytics

  • exploring the platform for SAS Business Analytics overview
  • exploring the client tier, middle tier, server tier, and data tier

Administering the SAS Environment

  • overview of administration tasks

Determining the State of the SAS Environment

  • checking the state of SAS servers
  • exploring the metadata server and repositories
  • troubleshooting the metadata server

Monitoring, Logging, and Troubleshooting SAS Servers

  • overview of SAS server types
  • monitoring SAS servers and spawners
  • logging SAS servers and spawners
  • troubleshooting SAS servers

Backing Up the SAS Environment

  • backing up metadata with the Backup Wizard
  • exploring OMABAKUP
  • scheduling backups
  • backing up physical files

Administering Client Applications

  • exploring connection profiles
  • using roles to control access to application functionality
  • exploring SAS folders

Administering Users

  • defining regular users and groups
  • defining administrative users
  • giving users access to servers

Administering Data Access

  • registering libraries and tables in the metadata
  • updating table metadata
  • pre-assigning libraries
  • troubleshooting data access

Securing Metadata

  • introduction to metadata security
  • exploring metadata permissions
  • exploring predefined ACTs
  • securing content in the folder tree
  • securing content outside the folder tree
  • creating additional ACTs

Moving Metadata

  • replicating an entire repository
  • promoting selected content

Updating the SAS Environment (Self Study)

  • applying hot fixes to the SAS environment

Learning More (Self Study)

  • identifying SAS resources
  • beyond this course

Software Addressed

This course addresses the following software product(s): SAS Management Console, Platform for SAS Business Analytics.

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