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Life Sciences Analytics Software & Solutions

When it comes to the science of life, SAS cares.

Why choose SAS® for life sciences analytics?

SAS delivers the most productive AI and analytics platform to transform data into life-changing insights and accelerate breakthroughs in life sciences.

Accelerate scientific innovation to bring therapies to market faster.

Facilitate analytic decision-making and collaboration in a complex ecosystem.

Evolve with a modern, open and flexible platform and industry solutions.

Provide transparent and valid insights in a highly regulated environment.

Innovation in Action

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    AI Applications in Clinical Development and Health Care

    Global CRO Parexel is applying artificial intelligence (AI) to help triage data in clinical development. CEO Jamie Macdonald is also energized by the potential of AI and machine learning in health care, particularly in informing diagnoses and treatment plans.

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    Data and Analytics for Better Patient Outcomes 

    Organon is a pharmaceutical company that aims to improve everyday health for women worldwide. The company is using SAS analytics to better meet its customers' needs by looking at long-term health outcomes. Organon is also applying SAS Viya in the cloud to boost workforce productivity and automate tasks so that workers have more time to focus on valuable research.

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    Strengthening the fight against antimicrobial resistance via data visualization

    Global in vitro diagnostics leader bioMérieux, Inc., uses SAS Viya to revolutionize antimicrobial stewardship and empower informed clinical decision making, enabling labs, hospitals and pharmacies to attain real-time insights for improved care.

SAS Life Sciences Analytics

Powered by Azure

Reliably run your analytics in the cloud. Get the latest product enhancements as soon as they're available. And centrally manage your analytics with familiar Microsoft tools.

SAS on Azure Life Sciences Solutions

Transforming Clinical Trial Analysis & Submission

Transforming Clinical Trial Analysis & Submission is the first of many life-sciences-specific analytics offerings SAS and Microsoft plan to build together. Now available on Azure Marketplace.

Peer-reviewed scientific research

Scientific Publications Featuring SAS

Explore recent publications – highlighting innovative research using SAS software – on a variety of health care and life sciences topics.

Analytics Exchange: Podcasts From SAS

The Health Pulse

Explore fresh perspectives on digital transformation in health care and life sciences in The Health Pulse podcast series, available on your favorite listening platform.

What's next for life sciences?

Read about five trends for building resilience and driving innovation beyond COVID-19.

Webinar Series for Health Care & Life Sciences Professionals

Check out this webinar series for a quick overview of industry hot topics, and see real-life demonstrations of SAS software in action.

SAS in the Life Sciences Industry – Facts & Figures


of life sciences companies in the Fortune 500 use SAS


life sciences companies of all sizes use SAS


countries with life sciences companies using SAS

Life Sciences Analytics Solutions

Industry-leading analytics. Deep industry expertise. And an open analytics ecosystem.

Clinical Research Analytics

Get better, safer products to market in a lot less time with faster, more efficient clinical trials. Advance medical research and discovery through greater transparency.

Real World Evidence

Leverage real-world data to demonstrate product value and gain critical insights throughout the product life cycle.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Improve your manufacturing performance in a GMP-compliant environment.

Pharmaceutical Commercial Analytics

Use next generation analytics, including AI, to optimize market access, commercialization and pricing strategies across the entire product life cycle.

Who benefits from using SAS for life sciences analytics?

Explore how life sciences analytics solutions from SAS with predictive analytics and embedded AI capabilities are helping company leaders meet a range of strategic business needs.

Enabling Technologies to Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Pharma

Unlock new possibilities and solve your most complex problems with cutting-edge, embedded AI capabilities tailored to the needs of life sciences organizations.

Cloud Computing in Pharma

Maximize efficiency and optimize production with a complete range of cloud offerings and deployment options.

Internet of Things (IoT) Analytics for Medical Devices

Leverage data from medical devices and sensors to strengthen analytic insights and response times at every stage of the product journey.

Evolve your analytics strategy. Enable digitalization and accelerate innovation using an AI, analytics and data management platform running on a scalable, cloud-native architecture.