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A webinar series for health care and life sciences professionals.

Join us for quick, educational episodes on hot topics relevant to health care and life sciences. No registration is required.

If we pique your interest and you’d like to participate in a deeper dive, our technology experts follow up with interactive, real-life demonstrations of the analytics software in action in Part 2 of each topic.

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Next-Generation Clinical Trials

We discuss the opportunity and impact of real-world data and evolving AI techniques on modernizing clinical trials. Learn More.

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Pharma 4.0: Modernizing Manufacturing With Analytics
Oct. 17 ∙ 1 p.m. ET

We discuss the role of analytics in pharmaceutical manufacturing and the improvements that come as a result. Learn More.

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Making a Difference in the Opioid Epidemic: Data and Analytics
Sept. 26 ∙ 1 p.m. ET

We take a fresh look at issues intensifying the opioid crisis and share real-life examples of analytics saving lives. Learn More.

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Can Health Care Professionals See the Future With AI and Computer Vision?
Nov. 7 ∙ 1 p.m. ET

We take a look at true adoption of AI in clinical and operational workflows, including a real-life example of AI deployment. Learn More.

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