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A webinar series for health care and life sciences professionals.

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Scaling Digital Health to the Enterprise

*Special 60-minute webinar

Discover how to scale health offerings in a saturated market. Learn More.

On-Demand Webinars

Digitalization and the Decentralized Future of Clinical Trials

Create more efficient, more resilient decentralized clinical trials with improved patient experience and access. Learn More.
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Predicting Patient No-Shows

Learn how to better anticipate patient no-shows to optimize resources and improve care. Learn More.
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Digital Transformation in Health & Life Sciences: Fact or Fiction

Understand what’s possible and make the most of digital evolution. Learn More.
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What’s Next? Key 2022 Trends for Health and Life Sciences

2021 taught us that preparedness is imperative. Join us and learn what might be next for health and life sciences in 2022. Learn More.
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Accelerating Academic Clinical Research With SAS®

We demonstrate how to translate the latest techniques in analytics and AI in health-related academic research to “real-world” settings to improve efficiency and innovation. Learn More.
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Artificial Intelligence and pharma manufacturing: The truth behind the hype

We discuss how to improve efficiency and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in manufacturing. Learn More.
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Setting up for success in AI

We discuss how successful AI projects in health care and life sciences can hinge on a few key skills and details. Learn More.
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Why Clinical Trial Enrollment Simulation Is Critical to the Success of Your Trial

We explore how life sciences companies can use analytics to make more strategic enrollment decisions. Learn More.
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5 Predictions for Health and Pharma Analytics in 2021

We explore trends in operationalizing digital transformation for the health care and life sciences industries. Learn More.
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Smart Hospitals 2.0: Making Real-Time Location a Reality in Health Care

We discuss how real-time streaming analytics and IoT data can help hospitals improve operational decisions and workflow efficiency. Learn More.
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Improving Online Engagement in Pharma During COVID-19

We will discuss the role of engagement analytics in optimizing channel activity and digital sales strategies. Learn More.
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Finding Resources in the Chaos: Lessons Learned About Medical Resource Optimization

We discuss how analytics can inform an optimum hospital restarting plan by allocating resources effectively. Learn More.
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Using Analytics to Uncover Hidden Insights in the COVID-19 Outbreak

We see how analytics techniques like optimization, forecasting and epidemiological modeling can help public health and life sciences companies fight the pandemic. Learn More.
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Personalizing Member Experience for Improved Health Outcomes

We explore why getting on the same page with your plan members is key to ensuring they take the best path to the desired health outcome. Learn More.
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The Real-World Evidence Landscape in Pharma

We discuss how your organization can generate robust real-world evidence to better support your products at any point in their life cycle. Learn More.
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Augmented Clinical Trials: The Role of Virtual/Hybrid Trial Designs and the Internet of Medical Things

We examine how life sciences companies are competing in the digital world by using AI and machine learning to evolve the clinical research process. Learn More.
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Can Health Care Professionals See the Future With AI and Computer Vision?

We take a look at true adoption of AI in clinical and operational workflows, including a real-life example of AI deployment.Learn More.
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Evidence-Based Decision Making With Analytics

We see how analytics helps health care agencies make the types of rapid, data-driven decisions needed to manage increasingly complex programs. Learn More.
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Pharma 4.0: Modernizing Manufacturing With Analytics

We discuss the role of analytics in pharmaceutical manufacturing and the improvements that come as a result. Learn More.
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Making a Difference in the Opioid Epidemic: Data and Analytics

We take a fresh look at issues intensifying the opioid crisis and share real-life examples of analytics saving lives. Learn More.
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Next-Generation Clinical Trials

We discuss the opportunity and impact of real-world data and evolving AI techniques on modernizing clinical trials. Learn More.
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