Yes, We're Open

The SAS® Platform is an open analytics platform that's accessible from the interface or coding language of your choice, giving you the freedom to experiment, act and achieve.

Bridge gaps. Crush barriers.

Analytics silos have become commonplace as different departments within an organization use whatever tools they have at hand to search for insights and solutions to business problems. A lot of good – even great – ideas are generated this way. But such silos make it hard to turn good ideas into actual results.

In contrast, an open analytics platform breaks down barriers. It enables all thinkers and innovators to extract insights from analytics using their tools of choice. And it provides the standardized deployment rigor that's essential to taking action and turning forward-thinking ideas into reality.

Our open platform is compatible with the following:

SAS Viya uses PROC CAS to run CAS actions in SAS Cloud Analytic Services.

Use REST APIs for any client language to access SAS analytics, data and services.

Use Python APIs to apply SAS Viya CAS actions.

Use R APIs to apply SAS Viya CAS actions.

Use Java APIs to apply SAS Viya CAS actions.

Use Lua APIs to apply SAS Viya CAS actions.

Use iOS and Android SDKs to create mobile apps that access content in SAS Viya.

SAS® and the Open Ecosystem

SAS software is engineered to extract maximum value from analytics while supporting the entire analytics life cycle – from data, to discovery, to deployment. By combining the power of the SAS Platform with open source technologies, you can unify disparate toolsets and analytic assets into a streamlined, collaborative environment that fosters productivity, business agility and tangible results.   

How does our open analytics platform benefit you?

IT Experts

  • Boost productivity and efficiency with a single, cohesive analytics environment to govern both SAS and open source technology analytics.
  • Simplify model validation and deployment with portable analytic assets optimized for any processing environment.
  • Get models into production faster by minimizing code re-writes for different data types, speeds, platforms, infrastructures or cloud providers.
  • Streamline application development and integration with prebuilt connectors to any data source, REST APIs, and interfaces for Python, Java, R, C, JSON and XML.
  • Minimize data movement by embedding analytics to run wherever needed – in database, in Hadoop, in cloud, in memory or in stream.

Analytics Users

  • Build analytics your way using your preferred programming language (SAS, Python, Java, R), or an intuitive interface, or open REST APIs – from one platform.
  • Craft relevant, portable analytic assets that drive value wherever you need them with consistent processes for model assessment, benchmarking and monitoring.
  • Uncover insights faster with computational processing optimized for analytic workloads.
  • Free yourself from mundane data manipulation tasks using prebuilt, self-service routines designed for data curation, cleansing and transformation, without moving the data.
  • Ensure trusted results with analytics built for rapid deployment and validated all the way back to the source.

Business Executives

  • Empower staff to seek analytic insights using an interface that fits their skill sets.
  • Encourage innovation by giving everyone in your organization access to analytics.
  • Foster collaboration to solve complex organizational issues based on a common, consistent interpretation of data.
  • Navigate fluctuating regulations and markets with enterprise data and analytic actions that are traceable, without requiring arduous and costly customization.
  • Instill confidence with reliable results derived from secure technology.
  • Establish a flexible infrastructure where enterprise insights are seamlessly portable to changing physical and virtual hardware environments.

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