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Reduce costs, improve productivity and minimize risk.

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In manufacturing, COVID-19 has challenged industry leaders in unforeseen ways and presented opportunities for innovation. SAS can help you adapt to today's new business climate and plan for the future – with confidence.


Why choose SAS® for manufacturing analytics?

Today's manufacturing leaders are visionaries, pioneering increasingly efficient methods to produce and move physical goods while thinking beyond productivity, cost savings and risk reduction. Future survival will require manufacturers to become nimble, AI-driven organizations that minimize risk and seize opportunities through deep operational insights and confident decision making. Manufacturing analytics solutions from SAS enable you to tune production operations for minimal cost and risk while capitalizing on data as an asset that helps you deliver innovative services and quality products possible only in the connected economy. We deliver proven value. And we can help you unlock the immense potential of your digital transformation. 

Manufacturers Working Smarter With SAS®

Predicting maintenance issues & preventing breakdowns.

Discover how Volvo Trucks and Mack Trucks use IoT sensor data and AI solutions from SAS to predict maintenance issues and minimize unplanned downtime.


Solutions That Help Your Business

Gain a consolidated view of quality across people, places and processes. Collect, analyze and report on customer experiences. Detect, prioritize and define warranty and service performance issues. And take an integrated, market-driven approach to managing your supply chain.

Manufacturing Quality

Increase production yield and throughput. Improve end-product quality. Reduce capital risk and costs related to unplanned downtime or equipment failures.

Connected Factory

Improve processes and enterprise reliability. Predict maintenance issues and reduce costs associated with unexpected breakdowns. Increase your performance and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Warranty Cost Reduction

Reduce warranty costs. Minimize recalls. Increase product quality and customer satisfaction. Boost service contract profitability.    

Supply Chain Optimization

Quickly sense demand signals that indicate marketplace changes. Align your supply chain to fluctuations in demand faster. Reduce inventory, waste and costs, while boosting customer satisfaction.


Discover how manufacturing analytics from SAS helps automotive manufacturers and suppliers drive better decisions.


What can manufacturing analytics from SAS do for you?



Reduce demand volatility and manage risk with automated, scalable forecasting and demand planning solutions that provide a superior demand-side input to extend the capabilities of your downstream supply chain systems.



Reduce costs and maintenance issues, boost productivity and minimize risk with scalable data integration and predictive, advanced analytics solutions that enable you to extract deeper insights from data.

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Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Internet of Things (IoT)

Manage and analyze your industrial IoT (IIoT) data where, when and how it works best for your business.  

Artificial Intelligence

Use AI techniques to unlock new insights into quality and equipment performance, supply chain and spare parts optimization, and service improvements and monetization of IoT data.  

Cloud Computing

Maximize efficiency and optimize production with a complete range of cloud offerings and deployment options.

Evolve your manufacturing analytics strategy. Enable digitalization and accelerate innovation in the age of Industry 4.0 using an AI, analytic and data management platform running on a scalable, cloud-native architecture.

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