Mais capacitação. Mais produtividade.

Análises flexíveis que acomodam todos os conjuntos de competências da sua equipe.    

Imagine o que pode acontecer quando todos os membros da sua organização – do setor de negócios à TI – são capacitados para usar o SAS Analytics. A produtividade aumenta significativamente. A colaboração entra em jogo. E um excelente trabalho é feito.

Business Executives

As domain experts and decision makers, executives need to see the big picture as they evaluate processes and track ROI. SAS Analytics delivers key insights so executives can make confident business decisions.

Get real-world examples of how executives use analytics to make decisions, achieve ROI and gain insight from their data.

IT experts are coders, architects and tinkerers. They understand every aspect of deployment, from model registration to validation. And since SAS technology is built for deployment efficiency, it plays an important role in an IT expert's job.

Find out more about how SAS helps IT experts create, experiment, test and deploy different methods easily – and all in one platform.

IT Experts

Data Scientists

They question, experiment and test. Data scientists need access to high-quality data so they can be creative, ask the right questions and turn models into insight.  

One of their biggest roadblocks to success, however, is the long delay between developing and implementing models. Discover how a factory approach can help by speeding time to market.

They explore and examine countless rows of data, looking for patterns and insights. Analysts need solutions that help them work fast and see beneath the surface, such as visual analytics and visual statistics.

Learn how the SAS Analytical Life Cycle guides analysts through the entire process – from data preparation to model deployment.


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