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SAS Data Management

Take charge of your data with the industry’s leading integration technology.

Become data-driven, and make better decisions using data you can trust.

Boost productivity and work more efficiently.

No matter where your data is stored – from cloud, to legacy systems, to data lakes, like Hadoop – SAS Data Management helps you access the data you need. Create data management rules once and reuse them, giving you a standard, repeatable method for improving and integrating data – without additional cost.

Collaborate easily with other teams.

As an IT expert, it's easy to get entangled in tasks outside your normal duties. SAS Data Management enables your business users to update data, tweak processes and analyze results themselves, freeing you up for other projects. Plus, a built-in business glossary as well as SAS and third-party metadata management and lineage visualization capabilities keep everyone on the same page.

Use one seamless technology and be confident your data is ready for action.

SAS Data Management technology is truly integrated, which means you’re not forced to work with a solution that’s been cobbled together. All our components – from data quality to data federation technology – are part of the same architecture. And we’re experts at making sure data is prepared for visualization, analytics or operational use. We promote data quality, transparency and accountability. Built-in auditing tools monitor processing. And source data lineage enables you to trace data usage across the organization.

Support data fabrics.

SAS Data Management gives you the perfect balance of choice and control, enabling you to run in a variety of compute environments with virtually any data – from new computer tiers (Spark, MapReduce, Presto), files systems (S3, Parquet, Avro, Orc) and databases (MongoDB, RedShift, Cassandra) to existing database systems (Teradata, Oracle, SAP). Deploy your ETL flows to run in multiple computing frameworks. Reuse ETL and data quality processes to ensure consistent, trusted data and prevent new silos from developing. Combine batch data with data in motion to glean new insights for calls to action, with real-time alerts and notifications.

Efficiently manage metadata.

Store and manage technical, business, process and administrative metadata to facilitate reuse of existing table definitions, business rules and more. Mapping technologies make it easy to propagate column definitions from sources to targets and create automated, intelligent table joins across both SAS and third-party data integration and data modeling tools.

Key Features

An industry-leading data management solution that helps you improve, integrate and govern your data.

One development environment

Provides an intuitive, role-based GUI for managing process with drag-and-drop functionality, source system access and a customizable metadata tree.

Integrated process designer

Lets you build and edit data management processes with a visual, end-to-end event designer.

Superior connectivity & data access

Connects in real time or batch to more data sources on more platforms than other solutions.

Data governance & metadata management

Includes integrated business glossary, SAS and third-party metadata management, and lineage visualization.

Extract, transform, load (ETL) & extract, load, transform (ELT)

Simplifies collaboration and reuse with out-of-the-box SQL-based transforms for creating tables or joining, inserting, deleting updating and merging data.

Migration & synchronization

Migrates or synchronizes data between database structures, enterprise applications, mainframe legacy files, text, XML, message queues, etc.

Data federation

Provides virtual access to database structures, enterprise applications, mainframe legacy files, text, XML, message queues and other sources.

Message queuing

Integrates asynchronous business processes via message-based connectivity.

Enhanced administration & monitoring

Lets you track metrics with job status and performance reports, as well as trending information.

SAS Metadata Bridge for Big Data

Imports and exports metadata from third-party applications for easier access to data from Hadoop and other sources.

Integration of SAS Data Loader for Hadoop

Lets you integrate work with other data flows, and then schedule and monitor it using SAS technologies.

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Entra in contatto con SAS e scopri cosa possiamo fare per te.