AI for Banking

Meet customer and regulatory compliance demands with greater speed, accuracy, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Business Challenge

Changing regulatory compliance requirements and shifting customer demands mean a bank’s survival hinges on its ability to glean relevant insight from all available data. In fact, the efficient and effective use of data is critical to addressing many issues today's banks face – combating fraud and financial crimes, managing credit and regulatory risk, enhancing the customer experience and generating sufficient capital. A partnership between humans and machines – each augmenting the other – holds the most promise for successfully achieving compliance and meeting customer needs, but knowing where and how to start isn't always easy. 

How AI Can Help

From fraud to credit to risk to customer experience, artificial intelligence (AI) can enhance the speed, precision and effectiveness of human efforts, which results in a more responsive, more profitable bank. With AI capabilities from SAS, you can:

  • Automate manually intensive, highly repetitive tasks. A bank's daily transaction volume is far too high for humans to manually review each transaction. AI capabilities enable you to manage and find meaning in both structured and unstructured data – including audio files, emails, logs, social media posts and data from smart devices. 
  • Quickly identify fraudulent transactions. Use AI and machine learning techniques to identify which types of banking transactions are likely to be fraudulent. Neural networks can predict fraudulent transactions – and reduce false positives – based on factors such as transaction size and frequency, and the type of retailer involved. Reducing false positives boosts customer satisfaction, protects revenue and lowers costs.
  • Adopt fast, accurate credit scoring policies. When a potential customer applies for a loan or credit card, use AI and machine learning techniques to analyze alternative data sources – like utility payments, mobile phone use and text message activity – for improved loan rating accuracy to give good customers easier access to credit. 

Why SAS?

As the leader in advanced analytics, SAS advocates applying analytics to any data that has the potential to produce insights. That's why we embedded AI capabilities in our software – from the powerful SAS Platform to solutions tailored to the needs of the banking industry. SAS delivers open, trusted, scalable and sustainable AI capabilities that can helps banks of all sizes achieve growth, profitability and compliance. For more than 40 years, SAS has delivered consistent value to the banking industry, and more than 3,500 financial institutions around the world choose SAS to gain The Power to Know®.

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