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SAS Certification

Why Get Certified?

You've done the work. Now it's time to reap the benefits of a certification from SAS.

When you have third-party validation of your skills, you'll stand out in a competitive job market.

Employers not only want to see that you have a specialized skill set, but also that you're interested in learning new concepts.

Getting certified in a skill that's in high demand – such as SAS programming – opens doors to new careers and opportunities.

Proving that you have deep knowledge and advanced skills in a specific area helps boost your value and your earning potential.

Easier Job Searches

According to Pearson Vue’s “Value of IT Certification” report, nearly 50% of certification holders said it was easier to find new jobs, enter new career fields and land job interviews.

Higher Salaries

The SAS Certified Specialist: Base Programming certification often appears on Certification Magazine’s Annual IT Salary survey, listing an average base salary of more than $92k.

Specialized Skills

65% of certified individuals report the ability to apply their skills within four months of earning a certification, validating their expertise and ability to excel in a job.

Secure Futures

More than 140,000 jobs nationwide requested a SAS skill according to the leading labor market data company Lightcast – suggesting bright futures for those with SAS certifications.

The Personal Impact of a SAS Certification

Watch as students and instructors share first-hand accounts of how SAS certifications impacted their careers – then get inspired to start the process yourself.

The Value of Certification

Find out who might get the most value out of a SAS certification, how it might help your career – and which technologies give you the most bang for your buck. You'll see why 80% of certified professionals said a SAS certification helped them with career advancement and professional growth.

Efficiency in the Workplace

Hear from a seasoned SAS user about how getting certified in SAS helped her career by providing her with the relevant competency and skills to become a key contributor in the workplace.

Share your success with a digital badge.

Once you've earned a SAS certification, you'll get a digital badge to share on social media sites. The badge shows your peers and potential employers what you've accomplished, and helps tell your unique story.

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