SAS Intelligent Inventory Management

Improve profitability and product availability by optimizing inventory investments.

Screenshot of SAS Intelligent Inventory Management with highlights

Key Features

Get inventory levels right to avoid overstocks and understocks and better manage carrying costs.

Demand-based size profiles

Use market-leading lost-sales analytics to detect active size ranges and build size-based profiles at any level of the product hierarchy.

Attribute-specific product profiles

Automatically match new products with attributes of relevant, similar products to better predict sell-through and replenishment patterns.

Recommended pack configurations

Optimally combine packs and bulk shipments to meet constraints and optimize supply-chain costs using the provided pack portfolio and configuration recommendations.

Multi-echelon inventory optimization

Adopt optimal multi-echelon inventory replenishment policies based on required lead times, cost and targeted service levels across your supply chain.

Multidelivery strategy design

Develop and optimize pack selections over a season to account for promotional requirements and changing strategies throughout a product's life cycle.

What-if analysis

Simulate and compare different inventory planning scenarios to pick the best purchasing, allocation and replenishment strategies for achieving sell-through and customer service goals.