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End-to-end connected supply chain analytics

Integrated supply chain planning and execution

Prevent supply chain disruptions

Integrate dynamic demand planning data with real-time enterprise execution data to deliver fast, intelligent supply chain decisions.

Round out your connected supply chain planning and execution platform with a fully integrated digital twin simulation capability to create a complete, modern, agile decisioning platform that supports supply chain optimization and resiliency.

Benefits of a demand-driven supply chain


Reduction in costly performance penalties

Harness the largest competitive pool of reliable transportation data and capacity to meet the precise needs of your demand plan, for optimized on-time and in-full shipments.


Savings in annual transportation expense

More accurate transportation forecasts, and real-time response to demand upsurges for dynamic, cost-effective transportation planning options.


Gain in planning resource efficiency

Improved demand and transportation forecasting precision, increased automation with AI, ML, reduce costly anomalies.


Reduction in end-to-end network inventory

Reduced network inventory from raw materials to end of life obsolete inventory, real-time visibility to all network inventory in motion, enabling dynamic dedication where inventory is most needed.







Insights and Resources

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