Fight money laundering and terrorist financing with AI, machine learning, intelligent automation and advanced network visualization.

A sophisticated, end-to-end anti-money laundering solution, delivering unprecedented prediction and detection capabilities, lowest false positives and reduced investigation times – while decreasing overall compliance costs.

Comprehensive solution

Supports transaction monitoring, customer due diligence, customer onboarding, real-time watchlist screening, case management and regulatory reporting capabilities on a single, integrated platform powered by AI, machine learning, robotic process automation and advanced network analytics.

Data orchestration

Centralizes the enrichment and transformation of multiple data types – including transaction data, nonmonetary event data, geographic data, risk lists, third-party data and a variety of other customer data – to get it analytics-ready.

Nimble platform

Unites all analytical tasks – from data access, preparation, interactive exploration, optimization, machine learning, AI and other advanced model development to deployment activities – in a cohesive, open, high-performance environment.

Entity-centric investigations

Provides a holistic view of risk with entity analytics that enables AML analysts and investigators to visualize complete networks through the network viewer and dive deep into relationships using link expansion.

Cloud-native, elastic & scalable

Leverages SAS Viya. Optimizes complex analytical, in-memory calculations for unconstrained environments. Adjusts automatically in constrained environments. Lets you quickly experiment with different scenarios and apply more sophisticated approaches to increasing amounts and speeds of incoming data.

Stay ahead of emerging risks and changing regulations. SAS® has helped financial institutions achieve more than 90% model accuracy, reduced false positives by up to 80% and improved the SAR conversion rate fourfold.

Expose complex, hidden networks.

Quickly uncover emerging, complex money laundering and terrorist financing threats with network and entity generation processes that automatically build network diagrams and reveal hidden relationships. Advanced analytics enables entity resolution by looking at multiple data sources and references to a customer, then accounting for inconsistencies, errors, abbreviations and incomplete records to help determine whether they relate to the same entity.

Improve operational efficiency.

Empower AML investigators with an integrated, configurable, user-friendly alert and case management solution that offers self-service capabilities and intelligently prioritized alerts for expedient triage, investigation and disposition. An interactive, drag-and-drop page builder lets administrative users configure settings, views and workflows to tailor the application for unique business or user requirements.

Rely on comprehensive suspicious activity monitoring and reporting.

Gain more comprehensive risk coverage with a hybrid approach to monitoring transactions. This approach combines proven rules to detect known risks with advanced analytic techniques – including machine learning, deep learning and AI – to identify unknown risks and hidden relationships. Administrative users can create, govern and update program-defined monitoring rules with a custom, built-in scenario builder. Integrated workflow management helps AML teams seamlessly create cases and file regulatory reports with government authorities.

Comply with customer due diligence and beneficial ownership rules.

Quickly verify customer information at account opening using customer onboarding capabilities. Our risk-based, scalable approach supports the complete customer life cycle – from initial onboarding to ongoing customer due diligence efforts. Analysts and investigators can review events on a continuous basis – as they happen – instead of reviewing over longer time intervals. Sophisticated visualization capabilities allow AML investigators to quickly spot and monitor beneficial owners.

Stay in compliance with SAS® Real-Time Screening.

Comprehensively screen transactions in real time, and customers in batch, against a wide variety of watchlists – including PEPs, enforcement lists like the Section 314(a) program, and other internal or third-party lists (e.g., Do Not Do Business) – with SAS Real-Time Screening. Our superior scoring algorithm − with organization-specific filtering rules, unique name matching analytics, multilingual screening capability and alert consolidation − generates high-quality hits with low false positives. The solution also supports real-time alerting and interdiction capabilities during customer onboarding.

Gain complete transparency.

Ensure success with internal model governance boards and external regulators through an open box (transparent) environment. SAS Anti-Money Laundering offers complete visibility into scenarios that trigger red flags and provides clear explanations regarding alert generation for outcome auditing.


This solution runs on SAS® Viya®, which has the breadth and depth to conquer any analytics challenge, from experimental to mission critical. SAS Viya extends the SAS Platform to enable everyone – data scientists, business analysts, developers and executives alike – to collaborate and realize innovative results faster, with flexible licensing and pricing options to accommodate your current and future needs.

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