Ashutosh Kumar
Marketing Analytics & Behavioral Economics Enthusiast

Ashutosh Kumar’s academic and industry experience has enabled him to approach marketing analysis and consulting from a range of perspectives. He is trained in Econometrics and Constrained Optimization and has more than 15 years of experience in campaign design and analysis, modelling and optimization in the context of marketing challenges.

In addition, Ashutosh has been on both sides of the table as a customer of analytics and marketing software and as a salesman, which allows him to understand key perspectives from both sides. He has applied this knowledge globally and cross industry with projects and for financial, telecom, retail and governmental organizations across four continents.

During the early years of his professional career, Ashutosh also built and operationalized various advanced analytical models, and then led team of data scientists for marketing analytics and consulting. 

Ashutosh holds a double master’s degree as both M.Phil, Economics and MBA, Finance. He has a strong quantitative research background with published research papers in reputed journals and two and a half years of experience in teaching and administrative fields.

He also has developed significant insights on human side of decision making and role of analytics into that, through his knowledge and learning in behavioral economics.

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