SAS Analytics - Flexibility

More empowerment. More productivity.

Flexible analytics that accommodate every skill set on your team.   

Imagine what can happen when each role in your organization – from business to IT – is empowered to use SAS Analytics. Productivity skyrockets. Collaboration kicks in. And great work gets done.

Business Executives



Domain experts. Decision makers. Executives need to see the big picture as they evaluate processes and track ROI. SAS Analytics delivers key insights so they can make confident business decisions.

IT Experts

Coders. Architects. Tinkerers. IT understands every aspect of deployment, from model registration to validation. SAS technology is built for deployment efficiency.

Data Scientists



They question, experiment and test. Data scientists need access to high-quality data so they can be creative and ask the right questions. Their tricks of the trade: data visualization, deep learning and other analytics solutions from SAS.


They explore and examine countless rows of data, looking for patterns and insights. Analysts need solutions that help them work fast and see beneath the surface, such as visual analytics and visual statistics.

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