Building customer satisfaction and driving business growth with analytics

As Jordan’s leading provider of integrated communication services, Orange Jordan provides a broad portfolio of services and products across fixed, mobile and Internet services.

Orange Jordan was looking for ways to improve and enrich its customer experience, while employing the most efficient and sophisticated method of optimizing its marketing and sales activities.

SAS has empowered us to understand and gain insights from the vast amount of data at our disposal. Harnessing relevant data helped us make accurate predictions and enabled us to make the right decisions at the right time in improving customer satisfaction and experience.

Yaser Alsele
Marketing Data-Mining Manager, Orange Jordan

The data essentials

In line with the company’s new five-year strategy, “Essentials 2020”, that focuses on providing an unmatched customer experience, Orange Jordan turned to the easy-to-use graphical interface of SAS® Enterprise Guide to handle day-to-day reporting and analysis needed on the ever-increasing data volumes generated across the company’s staggering four million customer base.

To make sense of the enormous amount of big data being generated, Orange Jordan employed SAS® Enterprise Miner and SAS® Enterprise Guide to understand and predict customer behavior and offer targeted and relevant offers by identifying the most effective channels to gain and maintain customer relationships.

The art of prediction

By implementing SAS® Enterprise Miner and SAS® Enterprise Guide, Orange Jordan was able to design models that helped it gain insights on consumer patterns for its post and pre-paid subscribers. The solution also allows Orange Jordan to accurately predict recharges and value recharges made by the customers via data mining, consumer patterns and correlations to forecast outcomes. Relevant information from the accumulated data is analyzed to increase revenues, cut costs, improve customer relationships, reduce risks and much more.

When data delivers

The benefits of implementing the SAS platform have included enhanced usability, flexibility and faster processing speed capabilities to monitor usage, analyze patterns, trends, anticipate anomalies and align service provision. The end value has seen Orange Jordan enhance its customer experience and satisfaction.

SAS has helped the company manage instantaneous data crunching and data preparation that addresses missing values, filters variables and develops segmentation rules. By exploring large amounts of data optimally suited to achieve accurate results, Orange Jordan is better equipped to make informed decisions that deliver more value for customers and the business.

Leveraging data: from process to profit

Better understanding customers and fine tuning marketing strategies based on customer preferences and behavior is key to Orange Jordan’s objectives.

"With our ultimate goal of providing best value to our customers, using analytics has helped us analyze and better understand customers’ behavior to develop highly-targeted marketing activities as well as evaluate the impact of campaigns in real-time,” said Yaser Alsele, Marketing Data-Mining Manager, Orange Jordan.

The company plans to build better descriptive and predictive models to facilitate the use of big data analytics to acquire and retain customers. By engaging customers in meaningful interaction, Orange Jordan is now up-selling and cross-selling products and services more efficiently. In addition, SAS solutions have helped to create association tools that deliver joint sales between various products and services in Orange Jordan’s offering.



Enhance and maintain strong customer relationships, provide value added services to its customers and optimize marketing strategies and sales revenue for informed decision making.


SAS® Enterprise Miner®
SAS® Enterprise Guide™


Employing SAS® Enterprise Guide and SAS® Enterprise Miner, Orange Jordan has been able to:

  • Deliver relevant offers to customers using the right channel
  • Build predictive models in overseeing marketing campaigns

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