SAS® Customer Due Diligence

Continuous event-based risk rating

  • Event-based scoring in order to refine the risk of a customer relationship.
  • Individually weighted attributes to scale and articulate the risk to the organization.
  • Flexible mapping of risk attributes to additional data sources.
  • Ability to introduce new data elements and test on production data.

Data management

  • Common data model with SAS Anti-Money Laundering.
  • Enrichment of customer profiles through consolidation of customer information from disparate systems.
  • A financial services specific data model:
    • Maps transaction records to support transaction, account, customer and household dimensions.
    • Includes the core schema for preparing data for nightly batch analysis.
  • A knowledge center data schema supports data retention and investigation.
  • Support for multiple data types (nonmonetary event data, geographic data, risk lists, third-party data, associate data and a variety of customer information data) in addition to transaction data.

Data orchestration

  • Centralizes enrichment and transformation of multiple data types to get it analytic ready.

Runs on SAS® Viya®

  • Cloud-native and open analytics engine.
  • Cohesive environment for all analytical tasks from data access, preparation, interactive exploration, optimization, machine learning, AI, and other advanced model development to deployment activities.

Alert & case management

  • Preconfigured risk rating model and risk bands.
  • Preconfigured customer risk rating scenarios.
  • Ability to create, govern and update customer monitoring scenarios with a visual, built-in scenario builder.
  • Extendable end user Interface with pre-built screens.
  • Preconfigured dispositions including EDD Review.
  • Preconfigured EDD review pages and workflow.
  • Preconfigured dispositions.
  • Periodic review tracking.
  • Aggregation of alerts at the entity level that provide a holistic review of the risk presented by the entity to the institution.
  • Auto-prioritization of alerts.
  • Disposition options and management overview. 
  • Workflow builder.

Entity analytics & network exploration

  • Entity resolution and network generation.
  • Network analytics and visualization.
  • Transaction network visualization.
  • Network link expansion.
  • Network node decorator and enrichment.