SAS Global Academic Program recognizes educators worldwide for excellence

SAS Educator Awards celebrate leaders in data and AI

In partnership with universities and colleges globally, data and AI leader SAS is helping students and educators prepare for an AI-driven economy. To recognize significant contributions to data analytics education, SAS Educator Awards honor university educators who excel at integrating SAS analytic tools within their academic institutions. Winners are nominated and chosen based on their use of SAS and commitment to preparing early career talent.

“We’ve seen how dedicated these faculty members are to readying students for careers in analytics and data science,” said Liz Moran, Director, Academic Programs and Certification at SAS. “They are perpetual learners, constantly enhancing their skills and updating courses to reflect the field’s changes. We’re thrilled to be able to acknowledge their efforts.”

Educator Award winners have demonstrated significant and innovative integration of SAS into their teaching methods and curriculum. They were also noted for their leadership in advocating for and promoting the use of SAS within their campus communities. This year’s winners include educators from George Brown College, Instituto de Educação Superior de Brasília and West Chester University.

SAS is proud to congratulate the five SAS Educator Award winners for 2024:

United States

  • Randall Rieger from West Chester University. Dr. Rieger has been the Director of the graduate program in applied statistics at West Chester University since he founded the program in 2003. He has published over two dozen papers in biostatistical and epidemiological methods, statistical genetics, sports analytics, statistics education and veterinary medicine. Dr. Rieger has been commended for regularly evaluating industry trends to update and bolster the current curriculum to ensure his students are at the top of their game.

Latin America

  • Sérgio da Costa Côrtes from the Instituto de Educação Superior de Brasília (IESB). Dr. Côrtes currently serves as Professor and Dean of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence at IESB in Brazil. He is widely praised for his learner-centered approach and hands-on methodology. Dr. Côrtes has been a valuable collaborator for the SAS Global Academic Program by establishing an academic specialization; designing and delivering programs, courses and workshops; mentoring students; and fostering talent connections. Dr. Côrtes was credited for not only promoting the teaching and learning of analytics with SAS, but also recognized as a key player for talent connections in Brazil.


  • Robin Yap from George Brown College. Dr. Yap is a textbook author, researcher and professor with over 30 years of interdisciplinary experience in human learning journeys, performance management, social data analytics, ethics of augmented intelligence systems, and applied technology in business and entrepreneurial practices. Dr. Yap was recognized for actively pushing SAS exposure, usage and adoption across the college’s whole student, faculty and staff population. He leads the school’s SAS relationship and advocates for his faculty colleagues to become champions for their students.

Asia Pacific

  • Angela Lee from Sunway University. Dr. Lee is an Associate Dean at the School of Engineering and Technology for Sunway University in Malaysia. With over a decade of experience, she has been a driving force in the development of data science curriculum, notably introducing a data science degree at Sunway University. She has developed innovative ways to use analytics and data science tools, from elementary level to advanced analytics. She teaches social media analytics, visual analytics, advanced analytics and business intelligence, and has authored many published international journals in the areas of churn analytics, sentiment analysis and predictive analytics.
  • Manoj Gupta from Poornima University. Dr. Gupta is the Pro-President at Poornima University in Jaipur, India. He has made significant contributions in planning, designing and implementing innovative teaching and learning processes, academic administration, and faculty training programs. Dr. Gupta has organized and developed content for more than 50 faculty training programs. He is highly regarded as an inspiring mentor for both students and faculty. He has been honored twice with the Rajasthan Energy Conservation Award by the state government in recognition for his significant contributions to energy conservation in the education sector.

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