New SAS Viya offerings help better manage and navigate big data for AI and analytics

Large county health organization uses SAS data management solutions to improve health outcomes for vulnerable populations

Diverse and complex data environments create a challenge for organizations seeking to operationalize analytics to enable the best business decisions. Global analytics leader SAS continues to enhance its powerful, cloud-native SAS® Viya® platform with the inclusion of new data management solutions to further strengthen the foundation for data and analytic success.

“Analytics help organizations harness big data and use it to identify new opportunities. And the starting point for effective analytics is applying new techniques to discover, prepare and govern data,” said Tapan Patel, Senior Marketing Manager for AI and Analytics at SAS. “New SAS Viya data management offerings allow businesses to catalog assets across the cloud and on-premises and prepare data without hassle. These are fundamental elements of a successful analytic journey.”

Most analytics professionals spend too much time on data preparation rather than building models and delivering analytic insights for their organizations. Whether data is simple or complex, organizations need innovative solutions that cut through the chaos, provide flexibility and efficiently transform data to create better analytical assets. Today, SAS is announcing two such innovative solutions.

SAS Studio Analyst

As analytics and AI become more embedded in day-to-day operations, organizations need data in the right place, in the right condition and at the right time.

Now available in SAS Viya, SAS Studio Analyst empowers data scientists and data analysts with a self-service environment to expedite delivery of trusted data for analytics. SAS Studio Analyst allows users to visually represent, prebuilt or custom, data quality and data preparation steps as part of the flow, which can be easily reused and managed. This helps to jump-start analytics initiatives and efficiently orchestrate data needed for it.

SAS Information Governance

In a world with endless data sources, many organizations struggle to grasp all data that is available, identify the contents of a data set, and evaluate data for analytics fitness. And as the amount of data increases from more and more sources, these issues are compounded, affecting the value of analytical outputs.

SAS Information Governance, also now available in SAS Viya, provides an intuitive data catalog and metadata search facility for analyst, business and IT users to ingest, discover and manage data resources, while simultaneously governing and protecting data. With the solution, data professionals can spend less time searching and organizing data, and more time on actual analysis.

Better data management and governance improves people’s health

Riverside County in Southern California relies on data integration and analytics from SAS to improve the health and well-being of more than 2.5 million residents. The county faced the challenge of pulling together innumerable amounts of data from multiple sources. The goal is to better serve the needs of its diverse and large population through the county’s health system, which includes a large medical center, an inpatient psychiatric facility and several health care clinics.

To ensure the most vulnerable populations receive coordinated medical, behavioral health and socioeconomic services, Riverside County worked with SAS to design a solution that combines data preparation, advanced analytics and data visualization capabilities. The solution, powered by SAS Viya, enables the county to integrate health and non-health data from its public hospital, county jail, and behavioral health, social services and homelessness systems.

By connecting these databases, Riverside County can now see how individuals interact with different services across its health system and map care pathways to health outcomes. This is enhanced by entity resolution, a feature of the technology that enables the county to identify unique entities, even if a person’s name, address or other personal identifiers don’t match up across different databases.

“Before SAS, we had a massive data integration problem,” said Judi Nightingale, Director of Population Health at Riverside County. “If we can get an integrated look at every client and reduce our siloed efforts, we can get everyone in the county to their health and wellness goals more quickly.”

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The latest release of SAS Viya includes the new data management offerings – SAS Studio Analyst and SAS Information Governance – and is designed to be delivered and updated continuously. The cloud-native software enables customers to efficiently democratize analytics throughout their organizations, while seamlessly managing analytic workloads and embedding analytics into variety of operational applications for making confident decisions.

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New SAS Viya data management offerings allow businesses to catalog assets across the cloud and on-premises and prepare data without hassle.