Analytics Leadership Program

Generate a data-driven culture in your organization by upskilling teams with transformative cutting-edge skills in analytics and AI.

The technology agnostic Analytics Leadership Program introduces learners to the world of analytics and AI, helping them to understand the benefits and develop new skills that add value to their work.

High Impact Customised Training

The Analytics Leadership Program can be tailored to achieve your unique objectives. We provide executive development to help organizations gain competitive advantages, transform corporate culture, innovate operations, develop and execute the right strategy, and more.

Unique Learning Experience

The program is an opportunity to learn from industry experts with a wealth of hands-on experience, and runs over several session days to drive permanent behavior change. It includes:

  • How to adapt content to the customer’s needs using the ALP framework
  • Access to business analytics assets (methods and models) and content
  • Active learning using the participant’s own business challenges
  • Developing the hard and soft skills needed for analytics and AI analytics success
  • Access to ALP Learning Portals with all learning materials and documents
  • Components for corporate Analytics Capability Academies
  • Access to industry and domain specific content and thought leaders
  • Collaboration opportunity at the SAS Global Hackathon
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The Learning Framework

The program is designed to help you and your team to master data analytics, and deliver actionable insights to the organization.


  • Define and create analytics value for your organization
  • Match capabilities to drive Analytics Maturity
  • Learn how to operationalize Analytics
  • Identify suitable advanced analytical techniques for tasks


  • Perform business analytics
  • Select analytical techniques to apply business values
  • Develop analytics to empower change
  • Create and work with analytics use cases


  • Communicate analytics value in different context
  • Define analytics problems clearly
  • Present solutions in a clear manner

The framework will be adjusted to the specific needs, objectives and timelines of your organization.

Program Content

  • Enterprise analytics
  • Analytics capabilities and success factors
  • Maturity levels within data-driven analysis
  • Change and transformation
  • Analytics roles and competencies
  • Analytics leadership must-have mindsets
  • Analytics use cases including value story
  • Stages in the analytics lifecycle
  • Ethics and responsible AI
  • How to implement and act on analytics and AI
  • Data and analytics literacy

Program Delivery

Learners are provided with an overview of the core methods and models for successful data analytics and AI, with a focus on theory, knowledge and insights, plus group exercises and self-challenged applications.

Coaching sessions include guest lectures, reflections, discussion and applying methods in own use cases.

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How do you develop your analytics skills to generate business value?

On Demand Webinar • Cost: Complimentary

Supercharge Your Data Analytics Capabilities

Accelerate deployment and ensure maximum value from your analytics investments.

You are welcome to bring your own case study to help make all that you learn even more relevant to your individual requirements.

Network with industry leaders with access to a powerful professional network of thinkers and strategists, plus a community of driven program participants.

Future proof your career, with the impending analytics skills shortage, skilled data professionals are in high demand across industries.

Suitable for beginners and advanced users of analytics. As long as you are curious about applying analytics we will ensure you leave inspired with future-fit skills.

Meet The Experts

To ensure the best possible training program you will be learning from leading experts in the field. The faculty is comprised of industry thought leaders sharing the same passion, vision and commitment to the value of analytics.

  • Jonas Kritz
    Well Training AB

    Peter Nord Andersson
    North Insight AB

    Daniel Yar Hamidi
    University of Borås

  • Siavoush Mohammadi

    Jack Phillips
    International Institute for Analytics (IIA)

    Karl Berthén
    Adage AB

Who Should Attend?

The program is ideal for any organization looking to develop a data analytics and AI-driven culture by upskilling and reskilling the workforce. Components of the program can be integrated into existing analytics, data science or AI capability academies, with groups potentially being divided or mixed into:

Business managers, executives, analytics or AI leaders and decision makers.

Product owners, department managers and leaders.

Data Analysts

Quantitative analysts and data scientists.

Technicians and IT personnel.


Feel free to email us if you need further details, we are happy to help, email


This program is highly customized to your requirements, training framework and number of sessions will vary. Please register your interest so that we can discuss how we can tailor it to meet your needs.

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