Ask the Expert Webinar Series

Mastering ModelOps: Supercharge Your Analytics Journey

Govern decisions. Deliver value. Drive analytic innovation.

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About the webinar

What’s the ROI on this project? Are the models helping us make reliable decisions? Are the models meeting compliance standards?

Every day you make decisions with those questions in mind. You know that analytically driven decisions lead to better choices. But how do you ensure the models are trustworthy, deliver value and flexible enough to change quickly?

Staying ahead requires advanced analytics and efficient management of machine learning models. That’s where ModelOps comes in.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Streamline integrations with data science, IT, business, risk and compliance systems.
  • Implement the models that allow you to grow and scale AI and machine learning rapidly.
  • Ensure that your models are robust, scalable and continuously optimized.
  • Learn more about the analytics mindset and crucial skills needed.

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About the Experts


Luis Flynn

AI product marketer with 20 years' experience optimizing tech for tactical users. Passionate about helping high-performance teams succeed through alignment of people, processes, and technology. Cultivates a pragmatic, curious culture for winning strategies.

Jean De Villiers:

A bona fide SAS and AI expert, Jean has more than a decade of experience leading data science teams, most recently at Idiro Analytics and before that at MultiChoice. A specialist in the full analytics lifecycle, he has a particular interest in bridging the gap between technology and people, with a key focus on how it complements human endeavour, rather than forcing people to fit into technology frameworks. Jean holds a Master’s degree in Business Mathematics and Informatics from North-West University, and he holds the title for the most SAS certifications in Europe, including certifications such as SAS Certified Data Scientist, SAS Certified Professional: AI & Machine Learning, and SAS Certified Specialist: ModelOps.

Linus Fredriksson:

For the last two and a half years Linus have been helping customers planning for the their respective cloud and modernization journeys with SAS. Primarily working with customers using SAS Analytics for complex problems while trying to adapt to a new world with a cloud component. For organizations looking to a cloud journey, there is a lot of things to align and adapt to. Helping customer find the best way to enable their organization is an challenge in its own right that has to do with much more then defining the new IT landscape but also looking inwards at how the organization works and functions together.