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Demand Forecasting with SAS®

Sustaining profitability in a post-Brexit era

Maximising opportunity and growth in your business

Demand forecasting. For FMCG and Retail it’s planning and predicting items stocked on shelves. For the NHS and Police, it’s beds and human resources. And for each and every industry, it’s an opportunity to reduce costs and sustain profitability in uncertain times.

Find out how SAS are helping a range of businesses to benefit from accurate forecasting across a range of sectors–from the Public Sector to Insurance and Retail.

Budgeting for Brexit

Keeping supply chains competitive after Article 50.


Hear how Nestle are driving their supply chain efficiencies by applying best practice forecasting methodology into the real world.


We are at a pivotal point in the three decade old supply chain journey. Are we going to continue to address the symptoms, or finally take action to fix the root cause of our supply chain challenges? Charlie Chase

SAS work with some of those at the forefront of Demand Forecasting

Travis Perkins builders merchants get the right products to the right branches.

Public Sector
WA Police forecasting workforce demand and crime within 1.5%.

Wistoron get more precise demand forecasts

Public Sector
Greater planning precision for National Library Service.

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