SAS to share AI examples that can change the world at the Gartner® Data & Analytics Summit 2023, London, UK

SAS, the leader in analytics, will be sharing some powerful examples of how artificial intelligence (AI) can benefit the world and non-business organisations, whether it’s saving lives, saving the planet or even winning sporting competitions. Our session entitled ‘Purposeful AI in action’ will be delivered in the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2023 in London, UK

The journey to fully operational AI applications delivering value requires a lot more than just algorithms, so attendees will discover what it takes to deliver results using real-life case studies. These include supporting the pre-implantation assessment of kidneys with computer vision, tackling deforestation, and informing sport strategies with composite AI.

Here are some of the examples that will be covered:

Partnership to revolutionise kidney transplantation
The University of Cambridge has been working with SAS to explore how AI) and computer vision can automate the process of scoring biopsies for kidneys to better select kidneys for transplantation. The aim is to increase the number of transplants and improve the function of those kidneys used.

This has the potential to save lives and transform the quality of life for more than 100 people each year who would otherwise require dialysis. Dialysis is expensive and using transplants for this many people has the potential to save the National Health Service millions of pounds annually.

Amazon rainforest deforestation
SAS and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis launched a project asking online volunteers to help identify areas of deforestation in more than 90,000 satellite images. Two years later, participants from 130 countries have successfully classified more than 1 million square kilometres of the Amazon.

The result is a crowd-trained suite of AI models that can now monitor new areas autonomously and detect deforestation with better than 90% accuracy. And unlike the human eye, computer vision doesn’t always rely on the visible spectrum, meaning the model could be applied to near-infrared images in the future for even greater accuracy.

French Rugby Federation seeks competitive advantage
The French Rugby Federation, the governing body of rugby union in France, is forging a partnership with SAS to insert data into the decision-making process of French rugby staff and teams.

GPS data, game actions during matches and training sequence are part of a whole series of information that is processed and analysed to extract insights relating to the French national team and its opponents, so coaches can make better decisions when preparing for matches.

Olivier Penel, Head of Global Advisory at SAS, will be one of the speakers the session. He said: “It’s important to recognise not just how powerful AI can be, but how it can be used in multiple ways to benefit society and the world around us. There are many examples in areas such as conservation, medical research and developing more sustainable practices that can have application all over the world. We hope the session will not only showcase what SAS has done in this area but inspire others to find uses for AI that benefit all of us.”

SAS recently announced it will invest $1 billion over the next three years to further develop advanced analytics solutions targeted at the unique needs of specific industries. In banking, government, insurance, health care, retail, manufacturing, energy and more, SAS will build upon its decades long focus on providing tailored solutions to industry challenges. All industry solutions will run on SAS® Viya®, SAS’ cloud-native, massively parallel AI and analytics platform.

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SAS to share AI examples that can change the world at the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2023, London, UK

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