SAS collaborates with EXCO customer experience community in EMEA

SAS has announced a collaboration with the European Customer Experience Organisation - ECXO, an association specialised in Customer Experience, focusing on EMEA.

ECXO aims to bring together leaders and organisations operating in Europe and beyond, to share knowledge, best practices, insights, stories and lessons with the aim of elevating the collective experience of customers and employees in Europe. And in this way, helping companies understand how they can generate growth, improving the experience of their customers and employees, promoting the value of becoming a more human-centred organisation and understanding how to achieve it.

ECXO also aims to promote a mindset of excellence among customers and employees in all countries of the European Community by improving the general level of understanding and education in the field of customer and employee experience, by offering courses and learning initiatives.

SAS, as a leader in customer experience and customer intelligence, will look to use the relationship with EXCO to tackle existing and future CX challenges in a practical and direct way. SAS can support through its AI expertise and technology to improve the customer experience through real-time contextualised interactions, and analysis of all data to gain a holistic view of the customer.

Andreas Heiz, Director Marketing Technology & Personalisation Solutions EMEA/AP at SAS, said: “This collaboration with ECXO is an opportunity to listen and participate with leaders in EMEA in the discussion of customer experience challenges. It is important to understand the dynamics of consumer behaviour, who are increasingly accustomed to using technology. And what that implies, with high expectations regarding the speed and innovation of offers, and consumers preferring increasingly real and intelligent experiences that make them feel empowered and part of something bigger. In this context, artificial intelligence (AI) has been of great help in the development of solutions that provide qualified experiences to customers. With AI, it is possible to optimise the use of data, which was previously ignored or downgraded, to develop an even more accurate connection with consumers.”

Ricardo Samuel Saltz Gulko, Co-Founder and Initiator at ECXO highlights the importance of SAS joining ECXO: “SAS is an undeniable reference in customer experience and its leadership and knowledge are an asset to enhance the sharing of experiences and good practices. We are therefore very pleased with the entry of SAS into our universe and it will undoubtedly be a successful partnership.”

SAS collaborates with EXCO customer experience community in EMEA

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