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Open, governed, repeatable cloud analytics

The answers to delivering smart government lie in your data. SAS can help you access powerful data insights, quickly and cost-effectively, delivering them for swift, targeted action.

Everything you need from data prep to predictive analytics and beyond is wrapped into a suite of software, infrastructure and services that can be up, running and delivering value in just 24 hours.

What’s available on G-Cloud now?

Cloud Software

SAS® Visual Statistics 

Empower data scientists to explore big data and build descriptive and predictive models faster using a visual experience or coding language of their choice. It’s based on the SAS Platform for faster processing, high availability and native cloud support.


SAS® Visual Analytics

From social workers to revenue officers, policy researchers and beyond, users of all levels can uncover new relationships, dependencies and trends in their data. Colleague collaboration and self-serve reports are simple, making this the perfect solution for a huge range of use cases.

SAS® Visual Text Analytics

Extract useful information from text data more easily. Analyse large volumes of unstructured text to identify changing market conditions and shifts in behaviour and update already developed analytical models and enhance collaboration across the organisation. This solution also supports governance and centralised administration for IT.

SAS® Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning (VDMML)

Do you want a single solution to help you manage the entire analytics lifecycle?
 VDMML is a flexible, end-to-end visual environment that covers all aspects of machine learning into deep learning. It includes data prep, visualisation, advanced analytics, model building, assessment and deployment for the biggest data sets and most complex models.

SAS® Open Model Manager

There must be effective governance around analytics lifecycles if the public sector is to truly operationalise analytics models. This environment ensures that all models are registered, deployed and monitored centrally, and that deployments can be repeated and traced at scale, fostering collaboration between data scientists and IT/DevOps.

SAS® Workforce Analytics


Understand the impact of past decisions, forecast future requirements and ultimately optimise future workforce planning. A tiered, customisable framework with which you can align, scope and build your own service based on your unique workforce use cases and realise the latest techniques in machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide insights.

SAS® Results for Data Management

Good data quality is essential to support better business outcomes. SAS can take care of data transformation, ensuring that high quality data is available to ensure the right outcomes using existing and new analytical models. Hosted and managed by SAS, it enables a rigorous approach to explore and resolve data quality issues.

SAS® Results for Analytic Insights

When better or quicker answers are needed now, this results-as-a-service offering delivers quickly as we capitalise on our vast experience delivering analytics projects. Your organisation provides the data and the problem to be solved. SAS delivers the evidence-based recommendations through analytically driven insights at a fraction of the investment typically required.

SAS® Results for Fraud Insights

Uncover both opportunistic and organised fraud with a unique, hybrid approach that will both detect and prevent fraud. No software license or infrastructure is involved. Provide us with the data and your business questions, and we deliver the results. This service can also provide regular alert management reports and social network analysis insight.

SAS® Customer Intelligence 360 Discover

Customers today increasingly expect Public Sector organisations to recognise them and treat them consistently across all channels. Go beyond channel-level data collection, down to the keystroke if needed, to create a single, detailed customer view that can be delivered in real-time and used to gain useful insights for mainstream activities.

SAS® Customer Intelligence Engage

Truly engage citizens with relevant content, sent in the right channels, at the right time. This solution helps you to build omni-channel engagement strategies based on real-time, demographic and behavioural data, automate repetitive communication tasks, and run advanced statistical tests in order to increase digital conversion rates.

Cloud Support

SAS® Analytics Learning Subscriptions

Our customised, scalable learning solutions are designed to enhance your SAS investment. Take full advantage of how the SAS Platform can generate value with annual access to expert-led e-learning that is available stand-alone, or with other SAS software. Each named elearning user license covers a circa seventy-five course titles.

SAS® Analytics Support Services

SAS has combined an expert global team with rich industry insights to deliver game-changing effectiveness. We can partner with you to make your SAS investment work harder, helping you ask the right questions, get the best answers and then decide on the most effective next steps towards the desired outcomes.

SAS® Analytics Training, Learning & User Adoption

A skilled analytics team can seize new opportunities easily and deliver value quickly. SAS helps you develop analytical skills with a range of learning and development services. Take a strategic long-term approach to developing your organisation’s analytical talent with customised learning plans, content from the experts and free learning resources.

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