Getting Started with AI

SAS delivers AI solutions that incorporate machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing (NLP), and forecasting and optimisation technologies to help you unlock new possibilities.

AI Momentum, Maturity and Models for Success
Based on findings from a global executive survey

SAS, Intel and Accenture, working with Forbes Insights, surveyed business leaders and interviewed thought leaders around the world to identify those early adopters and uncover their emerging best practices for AI.

Before you start

The 3 Truths About AI

If you don’t feel that your business is part of the AI world, or you feel that you’re already being left behind by competitors, the following truths about AI might give you the incentive you need to start exploring AI’s capabilities.


Demystifying AI - the benefits, threats and opportunities by Dr Laurie Miles, Senior Director, SAS UK&I


Artificial intelligence: Separating the reality from the hype by Oliver Schabenberger, COO, SAS

What is AI for

How can enterprises properly apply Artificial Intelligence to make better decisions, faster?

Identify the right use case for your organisation. Don’t be behind the curve, plan, start and if you fail, fail fast and start again with your new learnings.


AI is more than automating certain routine decision-making tasks and being able to make better decisions faster.


As the amount of data produced continues to scale, use of algorithms enables faster computational understanding to create new opportunities for innovation.

Take the next step

Getting the Artificial Intelligence ROI you really want

To ensure you get the ROI you require it’s essential that you start by distilling what AI really is. It’s not just one generic technology, but a series of capabilities that allow your business to do several things.


The quality of AI outcomes, and therefore its value, are incredibly reliant on the types of data you have as well as the volume and speed of delivery.


Football. The beautiful game. The world's most popular sport is being transformed by Dutch sports analytics company SciSports by bringin AI to the pitch. 

AI ethics

How to ensure Artificial Intelligence stays as ethical as it is clever

There are interesting guidelines on AI ethics for the future. It’s important that when you are scoping AI, the use case is agreed to be ethical, in line with industry regulations but also aligned to your brand’s goals and identity.


How will you use AI for the good of your customers, without detrimental or subversive impacts on them or the markets in which you operate? And how will you use the data AI relies upon in appropriate ways?


You are not alone. Ethics is at the top of many organisations AI agenda. This eBook summarises answers and results of recent interviews with business leaders around EMEA that explored enterprise readiness for artificial intelligence.

Think big picture

How to successfully deploy Artificial Intelligence within your organisation's culture

As with most change, not all of it is welcome so it’s important to handle the introduction of AI with sensitivity. Especially when you consider that over one third of employees believe AI cannot support them in any aspect of their work.

AI in action

What is AI good for?

AI in action – where has AI been deployed and what are the successful real use cases from different industries.


How is AI really helping organisations gain value, using real world case examples from sports, finance, manufacturing and gaming.


6 critical considerations for AI success guiding you how to deploy artificial intelligence for maximum benefit and a successful use case.


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