Fraud, Anti-Money Laundering & Security Intelligence

Prevent fraud. Achieve compliance. Preserve security.

Why choose SAS® for fraud, anti-money laundering & security intelligence?

Proactive protection through advanced analytics, AI and machine learning.

Take a unified approach to fraud, compliance and security. Only security intelligence solutions from SAS deliver an essential layer of protection backed by domain expertise and the world’s best analytics.

How SAS Delivers Fraud, Anti-Money Laundering & Security Intelligence Solutions

Fraud & Improper Payments

Safeguard your organization’s reputation and your bottom line. Stop improper payments associated with fraud, waste and abuse before they occur.

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Deutsche Kreditbank is known as a bank that makes it difficult for fraudsters. Using SAS Anti-Money Laundering and SAS Detection and Investigation, the bank gets a complete view of fraud and can detect the most complex fraud scenarios and signals.

Anti-Money Laundering/CFT Compliance

Comply with ever-changing regulations. And take a risk-based approach that increases transparency and reduces your compliance risk. 

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Banks must balance customer service with an ever-increasing portfolio of risks. Landsbankinn chose SAS Anti-Money Laundering to identify patterns in its data, and SAS Visual Analytics to provide data visualization capabilities for analysts across the organization. 

Public Security

Respond faster and more effectively to crime, terrorism and other security threats with a cohesive, analytics-based approach to risk and threat assessment.

Los Angeles County uses SAS to detect fraud, resulting in fewer losses, lower investigative costs and greater confidence from citizens.


Understand your organization’s overall security posture. Identify indicators of attack before they become indicators of compromise.

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With solutions from SAS, IT-service provider SDC enables 120 small and medium financial institutions in four Nordic countries to stay compliant.

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The Analytics Life Cycle


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What People Are Saying

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Discover how Turkish insurer AKSigorta achieves real-time fraud detection.

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SAS is a Leader in The Forrester Wave: Anti-Money Laundering Solutions, Q3, 2019.

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America’s largest dental insurer uses SAS to improve patient care while reducing costs.

Why I Fight Fraud

Who benefits from using SAS® for fraud, anti-money laundering and security intelligence?

Explore how advanced analytics solutions from SAS with predictive analytics and embedded AI capabilities are helping meet a range of strategic business needs.

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