SAS® Visual Investigator

Powerful, yet easy-to-use intelligence analytics.

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Address a wide variety of intelligence analysis and investigation management needs with speed and precision. SAS Visual Investigator is a cloud-based intelligence analytics solution that combines easy-to-use features and visualization capabilities with the full power of SAS advanced analytics.

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Adapt quickly.

Confront shifting tactics, emerging issues and new trends head-on. Our open, hub-and-spoke, data-driven approach gives you the agility to adapt to an ever-changing landscape as often as necessary with user-friendly data administration and configuration tools. You can incorporate new data sources. Evolve processes. Expand intelligence analytics to other areas of your business. Author surveillance scenarios to detect anomalies and suspicious events. Or design new components and screens for displaying and working with data, based on changing needs.

SAS Visual Investigator

Expose hidden networks faster.

Search disparate data sources to expose obscured patterns and relationships, and reveal hidden connections. An easy-to-use network viewer backed by powerful intelligence analytics lets you see and explore entire networks, sequences and spatial associations. You can automatically build networks, resolve entities and identify communities based on the most current documents and data.

SAS Visual Investigator screenshot on desktop monitor showing the ability to document findings and conclusions within the Insights module.

Conduct more efficient, targeted investigations.

An easy-to-use interface empowers intelligence analysts and investigators to work cooperatively and conduct thorough investigations. Dynamic workspaces provide interactive visualization and search capabilities for building, gathering and exploring information relevant to investigations. You can easily document findings by capturing views from investigations and search visualizations, as well as your own notes and images. In addition, you can enforce business processes and foster collaboration using workflows to send tasks to other users and groups.  

SAS Visual Investigator screenshot on desktop monitor showing how visualization options broaden your understanding of an alert’s context and immediacy

Turn insight into action. Fast.

Alerts are intelligently prioritized for expedient triage, investigation and disposition. Powerful entity analytics highlights potential areas of interest and provides insights that enable fast action with virtually no time lag. Intelligence analysts can import their own data, perform free-text or geospatial searches across data sources, then filter and visualize search results in different ways to identify key patterns, connections, people and events hidden within complex data. And with a scenario-fired event model, including scenario context, it's easy to manage alerts and events.


  • Surveillance and alert creation. Enables authoring of scenarios to uncover anomalous events for triage. 
  • Alert and event management. Intelligently prioritizes and routes alerts for prompt triage, investigation and disposition.
  • Search and discovery. Provides powerful search capabilities, including free text and geospatial search; filters and facets for refining results; visualization options (network views, maps, timelines, etc.); and more.
  • Entity analytics. Applies network and entity generation processes to automatically build networks, resolve entities and identify communities based on the latest documents and data.
  • Workflows. Supports case management and other business processes with workflows that automatically route tasks to users and groups. 
  • Transaction network view. Lets you explore transactional data – e.g., financial transactions, email exchanges or telephone calls – that occur between nodes. 
  • Investigation workspaces. Provides interactive work areas for collecting, exploring and analyzing data related to an investigation.
  • Flexible configuration. Delivers an open, hub-and-spoke, data-driven approach that lets administrators customize the solution for different business needs or evolving trends by designing the interfaces, components and screens used to display and work with different types of data.
  • Flexible deployment options. Engineered to run your analytics processing wherever you need, enabling you to deliver key functions with your preferred deployment model.


See SAS® Visual Investigator in action.

Michael Ames, Senior Director of Emerging Technologies at SAS, demonstrates how SAS Visual Investigator puts powerful visualization and advanced intelligence analytics into the hands of your intelligence analysts and investigators.

SAS Viya


This solution runs on SAS® Viya®, which has the breadth and depth to conquer any analytics challenge, from experimental to mission critical. SAS Viya extends the SAS Platform to enable everyone – data scientists, business analysts, developers and executives alike – to collaborate and realize innovative results faster.

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