IoT Analytics for Transportation

Harness IoT and sensor data to maximize asset performance.

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Visibility for Velocity

Analytics-powered resilience in the ever-changing supply chain landscape

Business Challenges

The IoT brings unprecedented flows of data, presenting transportation companies with tremendous network and data management challenges, as well as greater security risks. To overcome challenges, companies will have to adopt better network intelligence, automation and security in order to securely handle and extract value from vast flows of data.

How SAS Can Help

Boost uptime, performance and productivity. Better understand – and anticipate – customer behavior, needs and preferences. And adapt more easily and readily to changing business cycles. With IoT solutions from SAS, you can:

  • Continuously improve reliability and equipment efficiency. Predict emerging issues and maintenance requirements so you can address them proactively to keep assets in service and maximize uptime.
  • Get deeper customer insight with real-time decision management. Combine historical offline data with current customer and in-channel data – and use superior decision engines to take the guesswork out of real-time customer interactions.
  • Proactively respond to changing demand signals. Improve the accuracy of your forecasts, and use what-if analyses to assess opportunities quickly so you can allocate resources appropriately.

Why SAS?

SAS has the experience and expertise to deliver cutting-edge IoT solutions for manufacturing in the way that works best for your business:

  • Superior root-cause analysis and enhanced data visibility. Identify the real drivers of performance issues out of hundreds – or even thousands – of measures and conditions using state-of-the-art analytics, predictive data mining and data visualization. Then develop ideal corrective action plans faster and more effectively.
  • Predictive asset maintenance. Increase asset availability by using predictive and near-real-time performance alerts to spot issues that maintenance teams can fix during already scheduled maintenance outages.
  • Automated monitoring and predictive alerts. Reduce downtimes, avoid major defects and address potential performance issues before they escalate, and use built-in workflows and case management capabilities for faster problem resolution.