Data Preparation

Unified Data Integration

Create powerful data pipelines to efficiently process and deliver high-quality data.

Ingest, cleanse and transform data on the cloud for better AI and analytics.

Build a scalable and reliable analytics workflow.

Easily build and deploy reusable, shareable and optimized data pipelines with our visual flow designer. Accelerate data delivery and perform complex data transformations with prebuilt code snippets and custom steps.

Boost productivity with open-source integration.

Continuously deploy analytics, centralize version control and unify data understanding across your organization through open-source integrations with GIT, Airflow and Great Expectations.

Make data preparation more accessible to everyone.

Foster seamless collaboration between technical and business users. Make data analysis and refinement effortless with built-in data quality functions, multilanguage code support and a powerful low-code platform.

Why choose SAS for data preparation?

It's powerful

Our powerful analytics platform can help you improve productivity and precision by simplifying the process of gathering, refining and optimizing data. You'll get insights faster, make smarter choices and propel your business forward.

It's intuitive

Empower your team with an intuitive data platform that simplifies data preparation, enabling easy collaboration and informed decision making. A user-friendly tool that anyone can use delivers faster insights, enhances efficiency and drives innovation.

It's integrated

Improve data accuracy with an integrated data preparation platform that automates manual tasks and ensures consistent, reliable data while safeguarding against data-related setbacks.

“We broke down data silos in multiple business units and solved business pain points pertaining to data access and usage. We are seeing improved customer engagement, faster outcomes and trusted results."  University of North Texas logo Du Jun Vice President of Data Science in Consumer Banking CIMB Singapore


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