Analytics in the Cloud

Better decisions faster – in the cloud.

SAS® Cloud

Get the power and freedom you need to innovate with analytics in the cloud. SAS takes on the design and delivery of software, infrastructure and services in a managed environment – or you can simply sign up, log in and get to work. Whichever SAS Cloud option you choose,  we tune the solution to your requirements so you can focus on solving your analytic challenges and quickly realize value.

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More Options for Analytics in the Cloud

We offer flexible SAS Cloud solutions to meet your unique needs, enabling you to unlock critical business opportunities with maximum uptime and minimal administrative overhead.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

With our SaaS offerings, you don't have to manage infrastructure, operating systems or software. You simply sign up, log in and get to work, focusing on your analytic challenges.

Managed Application Services

Have custom data or infrastructure requirements that off-the-shelf software can't address? We'll help you design and manage your cloud services and solutions – in our cloud, your cloud or on-site.

Consulting Services

Get the benefit of powerful SAS software combined with the know-how of our services team experts. With SAS Results, there's no software license or infrastructure to buy. Give us your data and explain your business problem; we'll give you answers you can act on.


SAS and Microsoft have joined forces to redefine the future of analytics in the cloud and the role played by managed application services.

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SAS Managed Application Services & SAS Hosted Managed Services

Learn about our hosted managed services – comprehensive analytics solutions based on SAS industry-leading products, delivered by the insiders who know these tools best.



SAS Cloud

Discover how the SAS Cloud gives you the power and freedom to innovate, manage risk and be agile with analytics in the cloud.



SAS Managed Application Services & SAS Remote Managed Services

Find out how our remote managed services meet your current and future needs without breaking your budget.



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