Analytics Fast Track for SAS?

Increasing numbers of organisations are looking to understand how Hadoop can accelerate their exploitation of increasing volumes of data and analytical processing at a lower cost. Analytics Fast Track™ for SAS® answers this challenge and can be used to build a business case around analytics powered on Hadoop.

With Analytics Fast Track for SAS you can

  1. Focus on your needs: We will work with you to identify scenarios that will provide business value in the areas that are key to your organisation.
  2. Test the power of a Modern Analytics Platform: Our service will get you up and running quickly, ready to prove how SAS and Hadoop will facilitate innovation that influences positive business outcomes.
  3. Reduce costs and risks: Using SAS with Hadoop via a standard design approach (called Analytics Fast Track for SAS) allows you to take advantage of a low cost, low risk approach to exploiting untapped data assets, based on either on-premise commodity hardware, or hosted in the Cloud (included as part of the service).
  4. Run high-performance and in-memory advanced analytics using SAS on Hadoop: Our service will allow you to take advantage of SAS’ advanced analytics to provide insight into new data to provide a solid case for business change.
  5. Store and analyse unstructured and un-processed data: No need to pre-process data before loading it.
  6. Measure the impact of Analytics Fast Track for SAS: As part of our joint investment SAS will work with you to provide an overview of the tangible results achieved from the Lab, as well as defining the business case for taking the next steps in operationalising your results.

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