Analytics Institute of Australia and SAS join forces amidst skills shortage

The Analytics Institute of Australia (AIA) has established an ongoing partnership with SAS, a global leader in data and AI, as the pair seek to build the nation’s analytics and AI skills workforce amidst a growing shortage1.

AIA aims to educate future managers and leaders in analytics and business transformation, equipping graduates on ways to extract valuable data insights for inspired decision making. In designing its course curriculums, AIA has heavily collaborated with SAS, integrating its data, analytics, and AI solutions into students’ education journey.

Dr. Andrew Podbury, Chief Executive Officer, Analytics Institute of Australia, said, "In response to the evolving data-driven business landscape, we've tailored our courses to meet pressing industry demands. Our strategic partnership with SAS is setting new educational benchmarks, ensuring students seamlessly gain SAS software proficiency through both technical and practical training.”

Dr. Podbury continued, “Companies across various industries, from banking to healthcare and retail, rely daily on SAS’s AI and data solutions for critical decision making. As our students enter the job market, they will have a significant advantage with deep SAS knowledge and experience – it’s like having a golden ticket to the world of data analytics and most importantly, the know-how for maximising its full potential. We have received excellent student feedback from our current cohort, underscoring the value of embedding real-world scenarios for SAS applications into the curriculum.”

In testament to this, Nguyen Yen Thai, an AIA student from Vietnam with aspirations of becoming an Investment Analyst, remarked, "SAS software has proven to be an essential tool in my analytics education at AIA. Its simple structure and powerful capabilities for statistical analysis have made learning both enjoyable and effective. Knowing SAS is a key requirement for multinational corporations makes me confident in my future career prospects in analytics."

Echoing this sentiment, Ishika Sharma from India, aiming to become an Information Officer, shared, "As a commerce student, SAS's user-friendly interface significantly eased my learning process. The software's wide range of features, including automated scoring, has not only enhanced my data analysis skills but also saved time on tasks. I look forward to mastering more features and applying them in my future career."

The latest ‘ACS Australia’s Digital Pulse’ report2 reveals the next generation of technology professionals require a mix of technical and people skills. They need to be equipped to work in diverse teams, rapidly adapt to changing conditions, as well as empathise with end-users to produce user-centric solutions. It also forecasts 1.3 million new technology skills will be needed by 2030 - critical thinking, people skills, governance and practical use-case applications will become as important as coding and programming.

AIA’s Bachelor of Analytics and Bachelor of Business Transformation courses seek to address these demands, producing graduates with a blend of technical and strategic skills, spanning expertise in using data science and modelling as well as extracting maximum value from AI tools.

Craig Jennings, Vice President & Managing Director of SAS Australia and New Zealand, said: "We are delighted to partner with the Analytics Institute of Australia, ensuring the next generation of managers and leaders truly lean into smart technology for answering critical business questions, discovering relationships, predicting outcomes and trends, as well as automating tasks. With data, analytics and AI technologies advancing at a rapid pace, it’s crucial we have a strong workforce equipped to creatively apply these in business, and across our vast industries.”

Mr Jennings added: “At SAS, we work with businesses across all major verticals and part of the rollout process is training their staff on using SAS technology. Those already skilled in using our systems gain greater advantage, often able to capitalise on the solutions sooner.”

Founded in 2020 with a goal for becoming Australia’s premier institution for analytics education, AIA’s courses are delivering exactly what is needed to bridge the skills shortage, attracting applicants from 10 countries to date.

Phil Bolton, Chair of the Industry Advisory Board, Analytics Institute of Australia, commented: “Industries are increasingly seeking candidates with a diverse skill set that extends beyond just technical expertise - they are prioritising strong communication skills, adaptability and business acumen. This broader, more comprehensive skill set has become critical given the breadth of impact data and AI/ML applications can have across a business. Our new courses have been strategically designed to address this need, as students are trained in developing data-driven solutions that align with organisational objectives and drive positive business outcomes.”

AIA’s courses are accessible to domestic and international students. For more information about AIA’s courses, visit:

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