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How Grocers Use SAS

Drive increased revenue and margin through greater forecast accuracy.

Visualize localized product demand for consistent on-shelf availability.

Reduce stockouts and improve the customer shopping experience.

Replenish with greater accuracy to drive higher inventory turns.

Derive insights from real-time loyalty data.

Integrate inventory and demand data with real-time transportation data.

Optimize promotional and markdown pricing strategies.

Tailor your stock to business rules and supply chain constraints.

Customer Success

Grocers Working Smarter With SAS

  • Making life easier for customers with relevant offers & information

    dm-drogerie markt and its IT subsidiary dmTECH use SAS Customer Intelligence 360 to develop personalized, real-time solutions to address every customer's unique needs.

  • Significantly improving forecast accuracy, availability & inventory while creating healthy uplifts in revenue

    SAS helped an online grocer:

    • Improve forecast accuracy by 12%.
    • Achieve a 5%-20% increase in on-shelf performance.
    • Reduce inventory 10%-30%.
    • Increase revenues 2%-5%.

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