SAS® Customer Intelligence 360 Services

Designed to support your organization’s customer intelligence journey.

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SAS is committed to partnering with you throughout your analytical customer experience journey.

With our strategies, solutions and expertise, we're well-positioned to help you reimagine your marketing processes – to achieve operational success and ignite customer loyalty and satisfaction.​

Sense & Store

Collect and combine direct and digital data.

Think & Learn

Apply analytical techniques to gain insight.


Determine the best business decisions to create positive impact.

We'll meet your organization wherever you are – to succeed together.

Helping you achieve your marketing goals is our No. 1 priority. To accomplish this, we provide four unique service offerings designed to help you move from basic insight to advanced activation – fueling amazing digital experiences along the way.​

Digital Insight

Your digital properties – both web and social – offer a treasure trove of insight. Our digital insight service enables you to use that insight to make real-time changes to improve your digital presence and marketing interactions, increasing metrics like conversion, retention, loyalty and growth. Our service includes:

  • Helping you collect digital data from online channels, using SAS solutions to inform business decision making.
  • Digital analytics domain expertise provided by SAS experts.
  • Reports that help you understand how customers are interacting with your digital properties so you can take the right action quickly.
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Customer Insight

Predictive modeling is only valuable when applied to the right use cases. Our customer insight service includes:

  • Working with your team to identify core business use cases that will benefit from predictive analytics in workshops led by SAS experts.
  • Helping you join digital customer data with offline customer data – which will serve as the foundation for future analytical efforts – by creating analytical base tables.
  • Model development, assessment and documentation, along with reusable model pipelines for iterative improvement.
  • Establishing a superb analytical modeling environment that informs downstream customer experience improvements across a variety of use cases.

Analytic Attribution

It's difficult to attribute spending to changes in business outcomes – unless you have the proper insight. We can help you develop an effective analytic attribution program. As part of our analytic attribution service, we will:

  • Help you identify digital traffic sources, nondigital marketing touch points, conversion goals and customer data hierarchies via workshops led by SAS experts.
  • Join digital data to nondigital data.
  • Create traffic sources, data views and event libraries.
  • Apply an attribution algorithm across all channels and data sources, resulting in reporting, insight interpretation and recommendation generation.
  • Provide you with an established and reusable multichannel attribution environment, with attribution reporting and insights available for knowledge sharing across your organization.
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Data Activation

Collecting and analyzing data is only part of the customer intelligence challenge. Activating those insights into channel applications completes the journey. Our data activation service takes you from digital data collection and connectivity all the way to third-party activation. As part of this service, we:

  • Collect digital data and join it with offline data.
  • Clean, prepare and use the data to create embedded machine learning workflow journeys, with event recognition and insights discovery along the way.
  • Create real-time segments for activation by third-party systems – such as email providers, campaign management solutions, or web personalization and content delivery systems.

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