SAS Risk Stratum

An integrated risk management foundation.

SAS Risk Stratum provides a single source of the truth, along with a role-specific user experience, for all our risk solutions. A subledger configuration user interface helps users easily navigate and introduce changes to the subledger accounting module.

Why choose SAS Risk Stratum?

SAS Risk Stratum combines the strengths of several SAS products, merging proven advanced analytics with unparalleled user experience capabilities.

A consistent solution architecture, improved performance & efficiency

  • Provides a centralized risk platform that offers a consistent architecture for all risk solutions and enables significant operational efficiencies. 
  • Enables greater scalability, faster deployment times, simplified configuration setup and version tracking.

Unified user experience

  • Optimized for the business user, offering a user experience based on a business user's perspective and organizational role. 
  • Provides a user interface that includes a foundational set of forms – for cycles, analysis data, analysis runs, models, master risk scenarios, data definitions, etc. – that are common across all risk solutions.

Risk & finance integration

  • Lets you get more out of your regulatory compliance and risk application investments by using the same data and IT infrastructure to improve your operations and profitability. 
  • Supports your long-term vision for risk and finance integration by taking a streamlined, process-oriented approach to risk, supported by risk and finance content from any source and the flexibility to adapt to changes in your business as they occur.

A three-tiered approach to better, more powerful risk management.

SAS Risk Stratum delivers three tiers of capabilities– governance, computation and enterprise – to match your needs. Each level builds on the previous one to form a complete risk management framework. This minimizes redundancy in functionality and enables you to invest in the capabilities you need when you need them. Leveraging the strength of SAS foundational software, SAS Risk Stratum provides:

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RiskTech100® Awards

Chartis Again Names SAS a RiskTech100 Award Winner

SAS is the only vendor to earn a Top 5 rank in the Chartis RiskTech100 each year since its 2005 debut. SAS also won five solution categories – Balance Sheet Risk Management, Model Risk Management, Enterprise Stress Testing, IFRS 9 and Risk & Finance Integration.

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