SAS Inventory Optimization Workbench

Manage inventory to meet customer requirements while reducing costs.

Automate and optimize inventory distribution by calculating optimized inventory levels and order quantities at every SKU, level and location. Maintain adequate stock, maximize response times, increase revenue, reduce carrying costs and improve customer satisfaction. Manage data on millions of SKUs. Gather and consolidate huge data volumes throughout the distribution chain. Then transform, standardize and cleanse the data for inventory optimization.

Get inventory levels right.

Calculate optimal multiechelon inventory levels and adopt replenishment policies based on required lead times, costs and targeted service levels. Identify items that have reached reorder thresholds, and determine recommended quantities based on cost and service-level targets.

Reduce your costs.

Stock the right products in the right quantities at the right locations without creating excesses. As a result, you can permanently release nonproductive working capital for reinvestment elsewhere. And reduce inventory carrying and holding costs, as well as service-level and backorder penalty costs.

Automate optimization activities.

Stop spending time on routine product elements that our solution automates. You can use the time you save on hard-to-plan or incomplete orders. By automating your multichannel business environment, you'll enable inventory analysts to spend more time resolving issues unique to your business.

Avoid under- and over-stocks.

Compare multiple planning scenarios using what-if analysis so you can pick the best option. Develop accurate cost analyses of inventory proposals before implementation. Simulate and review how inventory policy decisions affect both single-echelon and multiechelon networks, and foster easier collaboration among inventory and forecast analysts.

Increase sharing and visibility.

With near-real-time insight into supply and demand dynamics, you can share appropriate information with distribution professionals throughout your organization to ensure that strategies are aligned. Additionally, you can deliver timely information in a secure, relevant format (e.g., high-level KPIs for executives, drill-down and ad hoc reports for planners).

Manage your data more effectively.

Consolidate large volumes of data regardless of format or location. Automatic consolidation from disparate data sources allows for more consistent and complete analysis. And you'll have direct access to native systems to update models instead of waiting for someone to send multiple flat-file extracts.

Key Features

Data management

Gathers and consolidates huge data volumes from every part of the distribution chain, then transforms, standardizes and cleanses the data for single, dual or multiechelon optimization.

Inventory optimization

Calculates optimal inventory levels using inventory policy parameters throughout the entire supply chain.

What-if scenario development

Streamlines forecasting activities by eliminating wasted efforts, and provides analysis process to capture forecast at each step.

Integration with the SAS for Demand-Driven Planning and Optimization suite

Enables easier collaboration between team members because data moves seamlessly among a tightly integrated technology suite.

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SAS Inventory Optimization Workbench

Manage inventory to meet customer requirements while reducing costs.


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