Mastering The Art Of Merchandising
In The Technology Age

Retail Systems Research Benchmark Report

About this report

Gone are the days of the merchant prince. The customer now defines which trends will take off – or fizzle – and expects to be satisfied across any shopping channel. While these realities have fundamentally changed the dynamic of retail, most retailers’ merchandising departments have yet to catch up.

In this report, RSR examines what merchandising can – and should – be. What role will personalization really play, particularly online? Will collaborative merchandise planning become a real thing? How much inventory is enough, and where should it be routed? And what role will artificial intelligence play in retail analytics?

Read the report to find out:

  • How savvy retailers are solving their inventory optimization, demand forecasting and price optimization challenges.
  • The ways that retail winners differ from all others in their understanding and application of retail analytics.
  • Recommendations for retailers on how to embrace next-gen merchandising to stay competitive.

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