SAS/ACCESS® Interface to Hadoop

Easily access and use big data stored in Hadoop.

Take advantage of Hadoop's distributed processing architecture and exceptional scalability to solve a wide range of problems with out-of-the-box connectivity between SAS and Hadoop, via Hive.


Integrate data stored in Hadoop and other sources.

Get seamless, transparent read/write access to more than 60 data sources, including relational and nonrelational databases, PC files and data warehouse appliances. SAS Data Surveyor provides specialized engines specifically for accessing enterprise applications. You can integrate data stored in Hadoop with other data, and easily use all your enterprise data with SAS Analytics.

Access data directly and easily.

No Hadoop or HiveQL expertise is required. The appropriate HiveQL queries are generated from the interface and passed to the data source for execution. SAS enables a transparent approach by making data sources appear as though they are native to SAS, which facilitates interaction with SAS procedures, the SAS DATA step and SAS solutions. You can also interact directly with the data source using native data source capabilities.

Get huge performance gains.

SAS creates data flows that combine Hadoop processing with SAS processing, delivering optimal performance by using the best execution environment. SAS/ACCESS also supports Hadoop's high-performance stream loading, providing the ability to rapidly load data into Hadoop from a variety of sources, including flat files and other relational database sources.

Support both technical and business users.

This out-of-the-box access solution requires minimal training and knowledge transfer. Business users will typically use SAS reporting and analytical capabilities, which can seamlessly access third-party data. Technical users may access the data transparently, or interact directly with data stored in Hadoop (Hive) using HiveQL.


  • Seamless, transparent data access.
  • Flexible query language support.
  • Performance features.
  • Metadata integration.
  • Optimization.

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