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The Lost Art of Reading and Loading Raw Data Into SAS®

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About the webinar

The best assurance of customer success is the ability to manage data at all stages – from data collection to loading, validation, exploration and analysis.

This webinar focuses on the critical step of uploading your data into SAS.

We’ll show you how to use the data step for reading and loading raw data into a SAS data table.

Learn coding techniques, as well as some common coding errors you’ll want to avoid that could invalidate an entire study.

If you collect, organize, clean or maintain raw data from primary sources such as social media, weblogs, automated data collection systems or surveys, this webinar is for you.

It will provide insight into the first step in any analysis, a key to ensuring data integrity.

You will learn:

  • The importance of raw data.
  • How to load data directly into SAS tables, bypassing the PROC IMPORT “black box.”
  • How to audit data from the original point of collection and identify possible irregularities before analysis.
  • Three of the four methods for reading and loading raw data.
  • How SAS parses data, converting character and numeric streams into meaningful SAS variables.

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About the Expert

Speaker 1

Rich Papel
Principal Technical Training Consultant, SAS

Rich has more than 25 years in SAS Education with prior experience in public health, transportation and economics research. He holds graduate degrees in both biostatistics and urban planning.