Simplify real-time, personalized customer interactions at scale

Customer Experience Solutions for Telecom, Media & Technology

Better understand customer journeys, orchestrate personalized customer experiences across all touchpoints, and use data and AI to measure success, proving ROI.

How TMT Companies Benefit From Our Customer Solutions

  • SAS Software Used

    ITV delivers highly targeted and personalized real-time ads at massive scale

    Find out how ITV, the UK’s largest commercial broadcaster, uses SAS 360 Match to achieve creative delivery automation, optimize campaigns, gain significant efficiencies, reduce operational errors, serve 36 billion ad impressions per year into streaming platforms and more.

  • SAS Software Used

    Telenor keeps Norway connected with capacity forecasting

    Millions of customers rely on Telenor, the number one telecom company in the Nordics, for its mobile and broadband service. SAS Hackathon 2022 winner, Team 4-kasting, created a solution that reliably forecasts capacity, improving sustainability and satisfaction.

  • SAS Software Used

    Telecom calls on automation to improve market position 

    Vodafone Ukraine is the second-largest mobile operator in Ukraine, and it is using analytics to become the market leader by boosting customer retention. With SAS Customer Intelligence, the telecom company has reduced customer churn by 30 percent.

How SAS Delivers Leading Digital Customer Experience Analytics

Personalize ads and accelerate innovation of products and services your customers want with audience data insights.

Best-in-class identity management

  • Collect granular, customer-level digital data and perform identity resolution.
  • Store customer information in a hybrid marketing profile within an enterprise-ready customer data platform – all in a safe, governed, trusted and compliant manner.

Accountability & acquisition

  • Quickly prove the value of your marketing and customer service programs with built-in testing, optimization and attribution.

Customer journey management

  • Build customer journeys that span all your engagement channels.
  • Guide customers to an end conversion event instead of forcing them down a predefined marketing path.

Analytics differentiation

  • Measure your performance and boost metrics like average revenue per user (ARPU), market share, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty with analytics-driven marketing.
  • Get proactive, informed and personalized customer engagement across all channels with built-in enterprise decisioning.

Openness & integration

  • Integrate SAS digital customer experience analytics with other solutions in your marketing ecosystem to accelerate digital maturity and transformation.
  • Generate new revenue while reducing capital expenses.

Choose SAS for Leading Digital Customer Experience Analytics

Create agile customer experiences while optimizing cost-to-serve. Grow consumer confidence and trust, improve operational efficiency and revenue, and build lasting brand loyalty.

Grow consumer trust with an immersive customer experience

Make decisions in real time with customer insights that enable more relevant, targeted and personalized communications across marketing channels and devices at the right time. Predict, prioritize and preempt customer issues that may lead to dissatisfaction and churn. 

Improve operational efficiency and revenue

Achieve a 360-degree view of customers at every touchpoint for the deepest level of insight and understanding. Analytics enable you to deliver real-time, location-based, personalized services that enrich customer experience and drive ARPU and market growth.

Build lasting loyalty and scale as needed with automation

Create and automate contextual customer journeys across channels with AI and machine learning insights to build customer satisfaction and loyalty. Automate techniques like segment discovery, task targeting and journey optimization to increase efficiency and engagement and lower costs.

All telecommunications providers are struggling with the increasing complexity and breadth of their portfolios, especially with the new use cases that 5G technology is creating. SAS solutions give us everything we need. The sustainable platform architecture will also be beneficial for other steps on our road map." Oliver Seitz Director of Programs, Platforms & Monetization 1&1

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