JMP Scripting for JMP 15

Exam Content Guide

Below we provide a list of the objectives that will be tested on the exam.
For more specific details about each objective download the complete exam content guide.

During the testing of these objectives; you will be expected to perform common tasks, such as:

JSL Building Blocks:

  • Use basic elements in JSL including: numbers, dates, character strings, names, functions and their operators, expressions, punctuation, fences, comments, variables
  • Employ built-in analyses and graphics to perform tasks
  • Differentiate between the various types of objects

Working with Scripting Tools:

  • Use the Script Editor
  • Use the Log Window
  • Use the Debugger
  • Use the Scripting Index
  • Use the Add-In Builder

Working with Data Tables (15%)

  • Use scripts to create new data tables and modify existing data tables
  • Open JMP data tables and import data from Excel and relational databases
  • Work with Rows and row states
  • Use commands from the Tables menu.

Programming (35%)

  • Handle or Address run-time errors
  • Manage namespaces and name resolution
  • Work with data structures
  • Control scripts through iteration
  • Control scripts through conditional action
  • Modify and query character strings using functions
  • Create Modify and Evaluate Expressions
  • Create User-defined functions
  • Work with date values

Working with Platforms (25%)

  • Launch and interact with the analysis layer
  • Access and modify the report layer
  • Save report window

Creating Custom Windows (25%)

  • Use New Window () to create a user dialog
  • Use New Window () to create a custom report

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