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Data Science Certification

Erwerben Sie diese Fähigkeiten, um eine Zertifizierung zu erhalten.

SAS® Certified Data Scientist

Gewinnen Sie Erkenntnissen aus Big Data mit einer Vielzahl von SAS- und Open-Source-Tools.

Erstellen Sie Business-Empfehlungen mit komplexen Machine Learning Models.

Setzen Sie Modelle in der flexiblen und robusten AS Umgebung in großem Umfang ein.

Erwerben Sie eine Data Science-Zertifizierung mit einer Kombination aus diesen Credentials:

  • How to become a
    SAS® Certified Data Scientist

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    • Data Curation
    • Advanced Programming
    • Advanced Analytics
    • AI & Machine Learning

    Want to become a data scientist? We offer four professional-level credentials to get you there. Earning one credential can launch a career - but a combination helps you earn a credential that could transform your future. 


  • Certified Level:
    Data Curation

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    Gain a solid understanding of data management, Hadoop and other big data concepts. This credential is a good starting point if you're pursuing a data science certification.

  • Certified Level:
    Advanced Programming

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    Learn advanced programming techniques, how to process data using Structured Query Language (SQL) and how to use the SAS macro facility. 

  • Certified Level:
    Advanced Analytics

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    Expand your analytical skill set by learning the latest advanced analytics technologies, such as machine learning and predictive modeling. You'll gain the ability to solve critical business challenges across every domain – and, if you combine Advanced Analytics with Data Curation or Advanced Programming, you can earn a certification as a data scientist.

  • Certified Level:
    AI & Machine Learning

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    Learn how to analytically approach business problems while using a business case study to understand the analytical life cycle. This credential is valuable on its own – or you can combine it with Data Curation or Advanced Programming to qualify for a data science certification.

    Earn Your Data Science Certification

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    Choose from two paths to become a SAS Certified Data Scientist. Start with Data Curation Professional or Advanced Programming Professional. Then take either Advanced Analytics or AI & Machine Learning Professional to complete the coursework.


    SAS® Academy for Data Science

    Master the skills you need to become a data scientist with in-depth training and professional certifications.

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    Academic Discounts for Students & Educators

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    You knew those late nights writing (or grading) assignments would pay off eventually. Being a student, educator or independent learner means you get academic discounts on SAS certification exams, e-learning and more. So now you can crack the books – without breaking the bank. 

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